USFIV - E. Honda's U2 guide



Honda’s ultra 2 is not great, but let’s recap what it can and can’t do.

  • It still has 0+1 frame startup (startup after the ultra freeze). This allows it to punish things that are -1 like any other grappler’s ultra, but it doesn’t allow Honda to use it offensively. (Opponent’s can jump away after you’ve activated the ultra)
  • U2 range got buffed
  • input nerf (hcbx2 -> 720). This makes it a bit harder to use it as a punish ultra since u’re required to make more inputs.
  • U2 input usually gets overlapped by Super and U1 if you have charge and double ultra equipped.

It’s mainly used to:

  • Punish specials/Normals that are minus on block and give enough blockstun to input a 720.
  • Focus dashing through attacks and punishing the opponents during their recovery frames.
  • Combo after a focus crumple (good luck with that!).
  • Mash during your opponent’s combos and hope that they drop it.

U2 punish List


  • Between the COD attacks.
  • Close LK Wheel kick on block, close MK/HK Wheel kick on **hit **& block
  • Kara U2 to punish close EX Wheel kick on block


  • Grounded LK/MK jaguar kicks on block or hit
    (in ENG or JAP, he’ll shout ‘Jaguar Kick’ if it’s ground JK, he’ll make a loud noise if it’s air JK)
  • All Jaguar tooths on block (very space dependent, nearly impossible to punish)


  • Close TAP (-2~) on block
  • MP Dash straight on hit
  • LK Dash upper on block (-3) on **hit **(-1)
  • MK, HK and EX Dash upper on block
  • Haven’t tested his other dash punches, but most likely on block.


  • non-meaty and close Spiral Arrow (be sure to block 2 hits low before punishing it)
  • SA fadc forward
  • Cannon Strike


  • Close Criminal Upper on block
  • Close Ruffian Kicks on block
  • Close Zonks on block


  • MK and HK Danku on block (-2)
  • EX Danku on block (-3)
  • Air LK Danku on block

Decapre: Haven’t tested her out yet

  • her rappid daggers?
  • Cannon Strike on Hit/Block

(Small version)

  • Air Spiral Arrow on Block

(Small version)


  • EX MGU on block
  • Light Sobat kick on block


  • Close Machine Gun blows on block
  • Short Swing Blow on block
  • Duck straight and upper on block
  • Overhead on block

E. Honda:

  • Buttslams on block
  • Close EX Headbutt on block

Elena: ?

Evil Ryu:

  • Tatsus on block
  • LK, MK, EX Axe kick on block

Fei Long:

  • Ultra 2 to punish very badly spaced 2nd or 3rd rekka.
  • LK and MK ChickenWing on block


  • run -> block overhead kick (2hits)
  • EX Hozanto on block

Hugo: ?


  • Ken’s overhead b.MK on block(-5) or hit(-2)
  • Ken’s overhead f.HK on hit, but not on block.
  • LK tatsu on block (-6) or **hit **(-2)
  • MK tatsu on block (-4)
  • HK tatsu on block (-5) or **hit **(-1)
  • EX tatsu on block (-3)


  • Devil Reverse on block


  • Hayate on block


  • Rakan Dantojin on block
  • Sekisei Jiraiken on block

Poison: ? Haven’t tested her out yet

  • Her Rekkas?

Rolento: ?

  • Rekka?


  • MK tatsu on block (-2)
  • HK tatsu on block (-3)

Vega has a very hard time touching Honda with FBA when he focuses. If you crumple the landing vega or dash cancel the FA you can punish Vega on recovery with U2


  • Greenhands on block
  • LP, MP, HP Greenhand on hit


  • Mash u2 after the 2nd hit of his mantis slashes. If he drops it, you can punish him with u2, on block or hit.
  • Divekick


  • Lunge punch on block
  • EX Shoulder attack on block
  • Divekick



Shoutouts to @Teyah‌ for making the divekick charts.

Making a tutorial video for every single character in USF4. Asking for char knowledge contributions

sick stuff as always. in the end, not much different from 2012, in fact now more useless than 2012 because of red focus combos :wink:

i would say the 720 is a buff / nerf depending on situation. example its easier to use as a punish on blcok due to shortcuts and you can start from a blocking position instead of having to start from fwd, however when trying to grab a cammy whiffing a SA in front of you you will have to buffer it to avoid jumping.


You don’t really get an advantage, though. I mean if you start from blocking position, you still need to do :ub: :u: :uf: :f: and when you get at this point, you start the same like you would in AE2012. This is followed with :hcb: and the rest of the required inputs (and extra inputs for usf4 u2).
If you go counter clockwise from blocking position (the other way around), you still need to get from :db: :d: :df: to :f: and u’re back like before.
In AE2012, you could at least just skip all that and go straight to :f: and then only go for half circle backs at this point, u can still do full 360 but it’s not required.

Another reason (but this is besides the point) that I also like the previous input, is because it was much easier to do after a dash (since u already start with :f: ).
My main use for this was to focus through attacks and punish my opponent’s recovery frames with U2. Now it’s just a big mess when I go for it lol.


A couple years ago I was hoping to make a video about this exact topic, lol. I think there’s lots of unexplored U2 stuff…

And back in super I used this(specially useful after a dash) motion: :f: :df: :d: :db: :b: :ub: :b: :db: :d: :df: :f: :uf: :3p:

Yes there’s that charge overlap and I don’t know why they didn’t change it to :3k:. It makes it harder to land the ultra because to make it practical you have to forget about your back charge(being, you know, a charge character) and sometimes you just get the charge by blocking the moves you’re trying to punish.


you know last night i played against Adon and hit it 1st try blocking a jagga… lol crazy. if i am going u2 i usually want full damage, actually havent picked double ultra yet with honda. kind of wanting to go back to it in my old matches i used it (mostly non-fireball characters)


Can you make a video how to execute to use after ultra 2 for all the dive kicks? When honda is same as ken standing direction, you have to block the kick and then 2 half clockwise circle and press 3 buttons then ultra 2 is come out