USFIV has just become a game of gimmicks and nothing more apparently


I have been playing for 3 hours today and haven;t run into and kind of game where I feel like I can actually play a good match.

All it has become is trying to dodge stupid gimmicks and getting a punish in when you can. The amount of sims, blankas, vegas, seths, gens is unreal. People are afraid to fight face to face and instead choose to rely on crazy full screen cross ups and lame tactics.

I don’t loose all of the matches, but they are just plain unenjoyable trying to block gimmicks for 99 seconds. Trying so hard to win in an endless lobby tssh

Scrubquotes is back!

Sim, Vega, and Gen are all pretty honest IMO. Gen has a tricky crossup with in Crane stance and maybe his wall dive after a knock down, but that’s not too crazy to deal with. Sim does what he does, and if you fall for full screen Vega wall dives you need to practice.

I’d say that Decapre, El Fuerte, and Rloento probably deserve that mention.


Sim and Vega yeah. Gen is not honest by any means, he has his own brand of tricky stuff.

Note: I don’t hate Gen or anything. I want more stuff like that.


Yeah I dunno what wrong with people nowadays. In the old days we just stood in front of each other and took turns to punch each other in the face. That’s how real men fight!


I can see it. He does have a couple tricky setups. Same with Vega, actually. He’s got really greasy stuff in the corner; cross up ultra and CH resets into dirty stuff. But I doubt OP ran into that online.


I agree. Thing is…now I want to see those Sim fullscreen crossups.


Lol I know right.


I thought there was thread for scrub quotes why is this guy making his own thread?


Thread summary: “I suck at the game, therefore the game is full of gimmicks, wah wah wah”


The game is full of gimmicks. That’s what basically happens when a game gets old. Only natural that people find the best ways to break down defenses.
Online it’s not that bad though. All the people you think are unbeatable usually have huge gaps in their gameplans.
If you don’t want to get beaten by “gimmicks” try to look at them as a riddle or puzzle, go to fucking training mode, record what you have trouble with and find ways to destroy it. If you can’t find an answer ask here, if here nobody can help you, try to not land in those situations in the first place by playing a better neutral game.

I know the post is prolly to blow off some steam, but seriously try to have a more positive attitude about the game.


Yes, it’s all gimmicks now. The gimmicks these guys use abuse one of the many flaws this game has. The problem is, those people that use gimmicks never do things that real tournament players will do. So it will catch you off-guard sometimes. The only way to beat it is to get hit by it a few times, then figure out how your character can counter it. They all have a flowchart and don’t actually think at all. You’ll usually have to sacrifice one round, but after that it should be gravy.


The only thing I would say might be gimmicky is Elena being able to heal. Other than that it’s all just putting the time in at the lab and approaching your losses constructively rather than kvetching over certain characters options.


you are a dinosaur. those days are extinct. you did not evolve and thus you have failed to survive.


It would be 10x worse if it wasn’t Ultra, if that makes you feel any better.


Fighting games are just more advanced now than back in the day, man. There’s always a way out of those crossups and “gimmicks”, you just gotta adapt, not complain.


Please read post carefully and don’t waste your time posting retarded comments thanks :slight_smile:


Some people really get the wrong end of the stick!

I was saying that it just doesn’t make the game enjoyable. Even winning against them isn’t!

I just meant that simply playing against those type of play styles is boring and that it seems like most people rely on using it.

It’s implemented in the game so I’m not one of the people who will say “You can’t do it” or “It’s wrong to use those tactics”, I’m sure everyone will agree with the feeling of “I cba to play this match” when they see a sim or blanka pop up.


Blanka is generally a free win. Sim, too, actually. And Vega. The amount of people that can play those characters well is very, very small.


Then again I find that people who play those characters well and have a lot of points with them don’t rely on their gimmicks and the match is generally a lot more fun even if I’m loosing.


Usually all I see online are easy difficulty characters. If I see someone playing a character that is more difficult to play then hes either really bad or realllllly good, no grey area.

All I can say is, avoid ranked if you want to have fun. The worst players I’ve ever played against seem to no-life ranked mode. I don’t understand the mentality of some players, ranked should be to compete not a place to learn how to play. If you don’t know how to play SF and are still a novice you should be in endless learning your character.