USFIV Hit/Hurtbox Meassurements

Hi everybody

Im new to this forum but not new to fighting games.
My stundent bodies at the games academy berlin and I are planing to build our own Beat’em’Up based on USFIV.
There for im tryting to find the Hit/hurtbox meassurements of Decapre, Cammy or Sakura. (coz we wanna make a female character they are our main Character references)
I already have installed Frame Trapped v3.4. The tool is great for analysing the positon of the Hit/hurtboxies but it isnt telling me the meassurements of them like the SF5 version does.

If somebody has an idea how to get more detailed informations about them we would rly appreciate it.
I already thought of buying the “USFIV bible” guild on amazone but im not sure if this would rly help for rebuilding a character.

I also started contacting the DEV of the Frame Trappd Tool (so fare no answer).

Best Regards
Maju Piju