USFIV modding on xbox 360



I have recently mod my xbox 360 with RGH and now I would like to mod the USF4 or atleast SSF4AE (dont have vanilla SF4 so Im not interested in SF4).
I hope thats ok to discuss here this topic (If not, Im sorry and feel free to delete this topic).

Problem is that all links to tutorials and tools for modding USF4 on xbox360 are long time gone and I dont know how to do it. I tried to combine pieces of information from all over the internet but I still didnt manage to successfully mod my xbox 360 versions of SSF4/USF4. So I would like to ask here for help.

Im using xbox 360 with RGH and so far I have managed only to extract battle.eaf but when I change the original skin with modded skin Ill get “fatal crash intercepted” error when loading fight with moded character and my xbox reboots.

My progress so far by step by step:
A - extracted battle.eaf with quickbms and script (no problems here)
B - deleted battle.eaf and left extracted files in folder where battle.eaf was
C - tried to play a game with extracted files (without mods)… everything works flawlesly.

D - I tried to apply character mods, but unfortunately when I overwright original files with modded one, I always get “fatal crash intercepted” error when loading fight with moded character.

I thought that simple copy/paste maybe could work because of this comment:

But since Ill always get “fatal crash intercepted” I guess that just to copy/paste modded PC character to \archive\battle\chara\ isnt enough. Probably I have to somehow convert these skins… unfortunately I dont have an idea how to do it and it seems that all “how to” tutorials on the internet are long time gone… so here I would like to ask you for help.

For testing purposes Im tring to use this character mod/skin in xbox 360 USF4:

ofcourse this skin doesnt work for me as well as others

I also tried to look into modded and extracted char files with Dragon UnPACKer and I learned few things:

  1. modded characters usually have more dds textures in files (*_01.nml.emb , *_01_01.col.emb …etc ) than in original xbox files (original files on xbox have 4 x dds while modded 5x+)
  2. modded dds textures are very different from original dds textures so the model itself has to be aslo different
  3. very often there is also an extra *.csb file in modded characters
    so it means that just simple rewriting the original textures with modded textures wont help.

Any ideas what should I try next?
Any help is welcome :slight_smile: