USFIV Omega Mode Makoto!


In Omega Edition, we really wanted Tanden Renki to be used more offensively, so Makoto can now do it with two or more bars of super meter! The startup time and duration will change depending on how much meter she has when she activates it.

While active, all of her special moves (with the exception of Karakusa) will be modified for offensive use, and even her basic movements will change!

Performing a Focus Attack during Tanden Renki will give her the Kumoharai, armor that protects her from damage and eliminates block and hit stun when receiving an attack. It’s a parry-like move similar to Ryu’s Hanagashi.

Isana: Makoto steps in and delivers a powerful headbutt. It doesn’t have a lot of reach but it can be used in combos. It breaks armor and is faster than Oroshi, so it should be useful for keeping your opponent in check.

For Omega, we wanted to make Makoto into a character who unleashes her true potential once she’s in Tanden Renki, like Hakan does when he’s oiled up. Her new offensive moves mean that she can be really scary once she starts to put the pressure on! Omega Makoto is one character that won’t be afraid of getting all up in her opponent’s business!

My inspiration: This homegirl is so angry, she’s turned beet-red.

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looks like in this mode she’s gonna be going super saiyan often! gonna be fun to mess around with at least…


Parry is prolly the most useful thing she got, would have to see the new properties of these moves. Glad tanden rinki is useful now. Other than that seems like she’ll be pretty much the same until she gets 2 bars

There’s apparently some balance changes coming with this patch to the main game as well. I’m nervous.

Why would you be, there’s no reason for them to nerf Mak, and all the reasons for them to nerf Yun.

You should know by now Capcom follows no discernable logic when handing out buffs and nerfs. Otherwise Viper wouldn’t keep getting buffed every update.

viper, yun, rufus will probably be buffed for no reason again…lol

I don’t know japanese, but anyone who does can they translate the part below the input for U1 please, Page 35 My best guess for the ‘extra’ U1 is linked to the voice clip here in which the english voice actress records the quote “Seichusen Hyakudanzuki” and to my small knowledge of fist of the north star ‘hyaku’ means 100, so I’ve either lost it and need more sleep or makoto has a ridiculous change in Omega.

I was actually really close here’s the acutal footage of it. It needs to be comboed to work.

Sorry, can’t help with the translation.

I have to admit, the qcf lk/mk/hk is pretty cool. On streams people kept calling that a parry. It’s not. What it does is allow you to hayate cancel much faster, making her difficult combos far easier. No change of motion required. It comes out in place of the hayate cancel.

Her backdash in Tanden Renki is real quick. Also, her Fukiage hit grounded during Super. HP Hayate is 3 hits+knockdown. Focus is an easy parry.

Still more to discover.

Okay wait. Combo into Seichusen Godanzuki. There’s your new move.

no need to plink tsurigi anymore I think and that new head butt move does 350 stun, NICE! also, NO ONE is playing without edition select on so…

I can’t figure out the Tsurugi thing. Only manage to get it out at random.

weird, I thought it was easy, just regular tsurigi on the way down is all. also all tsurigis cause kd when tenden reki activated

I found this strange result of inputting qcf x 2k into U2, I don’t really know it’s purpose as it damage is very low but maybe im missing something. Video

Try doing stHP and cancel into this version of U2 ala 3rd strike

Pretty sure it’s that

Yes…that works.

Everything I’ve always wanted minus the post hayate taunt and half gi.

Also, s.MP comes out much faster.

How much faster can it be ? It’s 5f in the main game lol
4f could be cool, 3f would be stupid

How would I test for this? I punished ultra sf4 ryu’s shoryuken FADC with it but I’m not sure if that’s 100% airtight.

DP fadc is -5 which would work even in USF4

To test if it’s -4, try it against … I dunno, Rufus overhead for example ( f MK )

St.MP is “chainable” into itself. It doesn’t punish anything -4 and you can’t combo st.HP after it.

You can cancel dash into normals ala 3rd strike.

E: Is qcf+K really only used for cancelling normals? It doesn’t seem to parry or counter anything. Super lame…

It’s still 5 frames, tested it against Rose hk soul spiral which is -4. It feels like it’s not as active though… Maybe plus 6 on hit now though, links feel easier