USFIV on next gen? You better won't be fooled this time


IIRC, Ono tweeted lately a picture of a PS4, I think, and hashtaged it with #USF4, although he had denied Capcom was planning a port for next gen consoles, I think that’s enough to be practically sure there will be one.

You know, after SSFIV, I kind of knew there was going to be a further version after that, not only because Capcom’s usual business practices, but because “suspiciously”, Ultra I and II had different inputs, unlike in the Street Fighter III series.
Then, I knew they would release a next version where you could use both Ultras at the same time.

So, after versions and versions and versions, I think it’s pretty safe to say an “ultimate” version of SF4 will arrive to next gen consoles.
Probably adding a couple more characters to make it more attractive, not to count again that there’s 3 randomly-placed missing slots in the official website where like three new characters could be in.

I think there will be a next-gen version of the game, probably next year. What do YOU think?


i think you better wont be making such odd thread titles


People need to stop with the “but there are x randon spaces left on the site!!!1111” shtick


That, plus the photo Ono tweeted with a PS4 controller. That’s enough for me :wink:


The 3 spaces got removed when the new site went live when arcade version came out. The new site just uses the character select menu layout from in-game. (Random button leads to some wall paper images of Ryu/Ken fighting and Decapre jumping out of a plane in the background.)

Fun fact: Decapre has the same japanese voice actress as Cammy (shocking!)


if it happen i highly doubt that there will be exclusive characters since they finally assume the competitive side of the game


Ono is one of the biggest trolls in gaming. He’s probably trying to get people riled up so he can show Capcom there’s interest so they’ll greenlight a PS4 port. If they say there’s nothing currently planned, I’m inclined to believe it.


You could at least link to the tweet in question.


Obligatory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’d take anything tweeted by Ono with a lot of suspect.