USFIV Online "Clans" example: ANBU and BOTB?

does anyone know who these guys are? I play these guys online a lot, the ANBU clan specifically is very arrogant and cocky. They like to act like they are the best players on PSN. I’m from the original SFIV Championship Mode days, or SSFIV Ranked Mode days, when there was many better and scarier opponents online. Though online will never compare to IRL tournaments, the competition at was really really fruitful back in SSFIV days. I remember settling an even score with Nuckledudu before he even started making it big in tourneys.

Anyways, is anyone familiar with these clans? If anything I’m curious to see how good they are, because it’s fun to play against good players. Do you guys know anything about clans, or these specific clan members, or any other online clans who are good to play against?

I’m on PSN as well, I know that BOTB players are generally endless monsters, some of them are pretty good. I have no clue who these guys are though, some of them are decent others are trash.

expect all players with clan tags to be dicks

They’re usually pretty laggy, and typically they’re rude when we play from my experiences with them. Its almost never a nice experience when I play them for me, historically.

But basically, BOTB, ANBU, DSC, JV-DSC, and BCW are online SF groups on facebook. They practice together a lot, some of them run streams and they all play FT5s and stuff. I’m pretty sure their only real concern is just having a concentrated group of players to play with that they feel are strong and it allows them to be competitive from home. So all in all, I think they’re alright.

Some of them are legitimately good though. I two on my friends lists.

JV-DSC actually attends offline tournaments as well (NLBC, SJ8, ECT2k14, EVO)

Sadly, you’re right for the most part. I guess they feel special or something that they are in a group. In my experience DSC and JV-DSC are cool guys and some are decent players too. Haven’t run into many ANBU players but all the BOTB I’ve played are scrubs and also are dicks. I’ve received hate mail from a few of them simply for beating them. I remember one of them was the #1 Chun on PSN. So sad.

I have an ANBU clan member on my psn friends list. I believe it stands for “ain’t no better unit” kinda lame imo, but always tough matches when I do play them. Although whenever they do show up on my ranked matches, I’ll always challenge them just to see how I do against their clan members. They’ll invite me to a lot of their endless battles to give them Makoto experience while I learn how she matches up against characters I rarely go up against.

I also know Rage and RnK. One of these RnK guys spammed this forum with his Viper highlight video for a short period and only received downvotes by the way.

They’re french. Even if you tell them to fuck off I highly doubt they will even understand what you’re trying to tell them.

BOTB and DSC are really good in endless mode. I know some of the BOTB players communicate really well together and help others from time to time. As for Anbu…idk a lot of the times they’ll kick you out. I remember in sfxt a few would literally just do abc combos and jump everywhere.

Something that I talked about with some other guys a while back was about a guy going by the name ANBU Shoryu or something like that. I played on PSN briefly and my main is Evil Ryu. So I was curious to see who the #1 ranked Evil Ryu was on PSN and how good he actually is. I watched a few of his videos and I was kind of dumbfounded by some of the decisions he makes. I notice he goes for unoptimized FADC combos. Not a big deal I guess since people do stuff like that just be flashy. But the thing that struck me the most is that he will go for a corner reset, dash under, and then do cl. HP > LK tatsu. No confirm, just commits to it. I’ve also seen him do empty jump cr. LK > LK tatsu. Again he just commits to it without a hit confirm.

If he did cr. LK > EX tatsu, that would make sense since it’s safe against almost everything on block. But LK tatsu is -9 on block and leaves you right next to your opponent. And I’ve seen him do both more than once, so that leads me to believe it’s actually apart of his game and not some random shit he decided to pull out. Honestly I go for a lot of gimmicks and will try to do some crazy stuff as well when I’m desperate. But he has the upperhand in these situations and make some strange decisions with them. And this was only 2-3 months ago when Ultra came out. I have no idea if he still does that stuff but it won’t fly when you face better players.

I beat ANBU_Shoryu the second day I had Ultra. Mind you this is after a year break from SSF4 AE 2012 and SnH Ryu beats Sagat in the match.

Yeah…let it all sink in.

He sends gg after every match he plays, it gets redundant.

yooo EmblemLord… we used to play hella back in SSFIV days. Back when it was the UYG Stream days or Nemesis_Syndrome would host matches in 2010-2011 online. Remember that good old thread “Top Players PSN” days?? where these ANBU fellas come from anyway?

Back on subject, I played against an ANBU player who almost lost against one of my worst characters. I asked him for a rematch with me using my main and he started saying things like “I’m too good for you, I dont believe a 1 BP gain from bodying you is worth it.”

I checked our replay and he really almost lost. He then boasted about how he was the best Blanka on PSN and all should fear, his 3000 PP is here!! He kept beating the bush and offered me to fight his clanmates instead, acting like an arrogant hardass.

I didnt play against him that night using my main… but the other day I saw him hosting a lobby in Ranked Match and I went in and steam rolled his ass. No mercy.

For me personally, every ANBU player has been extremely cocky and full of themselves. I wouldn’t mind being the clan killer.

We should play sometime. Trying to get back into the game.

Most clans are full of pompous idiots. If you really want to get under their skin (the asshole ones), just tell em they only decided to make a clan because they suck too much to actually find a sponsor.

Sagat wins every match. That’s why he got nerfed again. Kappa

I really hate USFIV, I feel that they should just pump out Hyper SFIV and let us steam roll players online with Edition Select again while having a fuck load of fun playing with 10+ stronger characters.

I dont main Sagat but I LOVE playing against Vanilla Sagat or using him to troll against people.

We should play again though. I havent seen you on my friend’s list for a long time. Do you still play?

Lol I’ll say that next time to piss them off.

ANBU_Roca here - all teams are here

**Facebook Battle Arena Group: **

Botb Team admin here, I have no idea what kind of bad experience some of you might have had in the past but if that ever happened then I do apologize, online especially on ps3 can be very fustrating for some, thus may be the reason why that happened (it’s not an excuse though). For those who wonder, team BOTB s not only online, that is where we started indeed but slowly rising in the offljne scene as well. I m proud to say that we have lot of great talents in the team, like Actionjackryu, Hunted chimera, OSV305, asap rabbito just to name a few and we re still expanding. I hope some of you guys will meet our Evo squad in few weeks if you’re going.

Best regards and god bless you all.