Did anyone switch to PC and what are your thoughts on the net code?


It’s broken as hell at the moment. Capcom has said they know about the issue and they are working on fixing it. Let’s hope they fix it without creating more issues.


Why is this posted in the Evil Ryu section o.o

Anyway, as far as the game itself goes, its great. Netcode is an entirely different story though. The game freezes often in the middle of matches, then speeds up by a few seconds to catch up again. I’m hoping they fix it ASAP, because I’m having fun with the game otherwise.


Because I’m dying for some mirror matches! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was debating if I should upgrade my PC version because I already purchased USFIV for PS3. Taking into account the horrible switch from GFWL to Steam, I thought it might be better to wait a while until they patched it.

So naturally I bought the expansion no more then 3 hours later hahaha, and I must say I do not regret it. I played about a 100 matches yesterday and I had maybe 3 of them that could not be played (match doesn’t continue after 1 round). Sure there are some laggy matches but I come from PS3 where everything laggs. Even with al its problems, its still superior to the PS3 in every aspect.

So if anyone is up for some games, add me on steam. Btw I’m from Holland, don’t know what the connection will be if you live outside Europe.

Steam: Daddy-Sensei


Hey there, I’ll add you today, I’m an evil ryu player myself. Currently located in Ireland so the lag should be minimal.

The netcode is fine if you create a game (with private slot) and invite only. Apparently that way youre avoiding the binding issue by not being listed as available on the search.