usfiv VS sfv


He guys sfv is lacking solo content right now And internet where i live isnt good enough i am moving within 3 months which ill be able to go online then now i just got my first arcadestick as well i was wondering if i should get usfiv to practise cuz it has more solo content or is SFv totally dif f control wise so i cant rly practise in usfiv And bring over my skill to sfv or is this different?


SFV is so much fun, so I’d recommend getting it and getting known with the 16 characters, and trying out Survival-mode to collect some costume color-alternates.

I’d also recommend USFIV, because it’s also a magnificent game in its own right.


SFV has PLENTY of solo content to help you practice. Ignore the spoiled cry babies who complain about it.

I could make a case that it’s better than USF4 because the training mode in SFV has far more options. USF4’s arcade mode is equivalent to SFV’s Story/Survival mode. The only thing SFV is lacking is Challenge mode, which is okay, but it could be argued that it’s irrelevant. That mode just “gives you a thumbs up” if you did a special move or combo correctly (which could be done in training mode without the “thumbs up”). Challenge mode can teach you some combos, but in USF4’s case, many combo’s weren’t practical. You’re better off finding the good combos here on SRK than through a Challenge mode.

Buying SFV and training will help a lot more than buying USF4 to train for SFV.