Using 2 Chars?


hey guys is it ever better to use only 2 characters… either r2 r2 or r3 r1 ??? and if yes… in what situations? thanks a lot im learnign a lot from you guys


it isnt better… if u go do the math u can see that 2 ratio2 ppl will have less life then r1,r1,r2…

it only occuredonce for all i know: SBO qualifications-> Raiden ratio 4… but that means one combo=dizzy if u arent dead already…

BUTTTTT U HAVE TO REALISE, RAIDEN IS NOT TOP TIER… i aint gonna say this forever X_x


I’d go R4 before I’d do R1R3. R3 seems like the worst ratio. I’d say that the “conventional” 1/1/2 is the best followed by R4, followed by 2/2, followed by 1/3. I use R4 when I know I won’t get rushed down and I’m facing low vitality characters. What often happens when I pick R4 is I take out the R1s quickly and therefore have a huge advantage over the final R2. Taking out an R1 with R4 only takes 2 combos.


I think anybody who can kill you in two combos is top tier. :slight_smile:


almost nobody plays athena :wink: evo2k2 chikyu vs peachy :wink:


i would say a r1 and a r3 are a better team then just a ratio 4 becuz quite frankly a ratio 1 can always have a good with that r1,r1,r2 is the best


i have a vid of a guy who plays r1 gief and r3 gees ein c beasting on good jap players his geese is tt gunter nows:evil: