Using 360's and charging d, u motions

I have problems with these motions because my character tend to jump up and attack instead. Charging b, f is easy but charging d, u has a similar situation with the 360s.

there is a 360 shortcut in SF4 where you can do a half circle forward and then up forward. youve got to work on the timing so you dont jump but a lil time in the training room will do the trick.

also you can buffer the 360 or 720 motion while your character is in a position to not move around like wake up, jump in (but be safe!), or when youre in an animation for another move like geifs green hand into SPD

also its a guess but can anyone confirm if you can buffer 360 while your in blockstun?

o && about charging down, its all about the timing. try imputing the button sooner after you hit up. like i said, give yourself some time in the training room before you get serious next time


i had trouble with d u charges for a while… try to adapt to the timing. bf charge is more lenient (*you can walk a bit before hitting the button, but d u doesn’t work because you’ll be off the ground. practice it, if you do it and jump with an attack, you’re hitting the attack button too late.

I’ve seen really good players miss down, up charge moves in tournament videos. It’s nothing to feel bad about.

Remember that you can hit up-back to maintain charge while you execute the move. You can easily follow the gate from the bottom corner to the top corner if you’re using a joystick with a square gate.

Also remember to quickly hit AND release the kick or punch button since button releases count as an extra input.

You can buffer it during anything. Blockstun works well for throwing if they miss a link. During dashes works well for poorly spaced jumps. Buffering during normal attacks is probably the most versatile manner of using it.

All right thanks I appreciate the help

I have trouble hitting forward cleanly when I dash or do charge b,f moves. I don’t know what my deal is.

Any other general tips for how to go about learning charge characters in general?

Just make sure you don’t change your grip all the time otherwise re-learning to dash would be a pain. Secondly it helps to let go off the stick, well let it bounce back to neutral then do the dash, so it’s common to do the left dash by tapping the thumb left twice and using two or one of your fingers to dash right by tapping as well.

When i was learning the stick i just had to do a ton of dashes left and right, and getting a character to fireball me, and FAing then backdashing/forward dashing was some fun practice for dashing.

d to u charges are tricky. you have to hit the attack button at the exact time you hit up. on a pad this is easy since up is a thumb press, on a stick you need to know exactly when up is being input, jump into training and try it out.

The most crucial tip IMO for learning a charge character is learning to hide the charge and buffering the charge, and pre-charging. Once you get the timing down for executing charge moves (@ Boboglory for D to U like Flash kick I would suggest doing the movement much faster, and hit the button before the character begins the jump).

Hiding the Charge is masking the fact that you are charging/charged with other moves (like for Guile and for Vega). Also just throwing out “random” safe normals. Nothing is more evident than when a charge character is locked holding Down Back protecting that charge

Buffering the charge is charging while doing other attacks. Easiest example is Guile’s jump in HK > xx Flash kick. You have to buffer the charge as soon as you jump forward in order to get the xx FK

Pre-charging is more for projectiles (sonic boom) and it entails finishing a sonic boom with going back to charge, like this: :l:charge:r::l::p: instead of :l:charge:r::p: This gains crucial charge time when trying to lock down in a projectile fight.
Here is a great video by Gilley on precharging:

Three other things quickly. Practice buffering charge into forward and back dashes (for when you land a LV2 or 3 FA and want to follow), and know when yo sacrifice charge for mobility and the element of surprise. Finally, during Ultra freezes you can actually “steal” a little time to charge, often enough to counter Ultra against an unsafe/uncombo’ed Ultra.

Charge timing isn’t exactly my problem, that just takes practice and because I played guile for a while it’s already a relfex for me to hit forward then go to downback the split second after I hit forward

The issue is when I’m doing b,f,b,f ultras and stuff. I keep hitting diagonals causing other moves to come out. Is there a way to train myself to make sure I’m hitting the left and right cleanly? Aside from just doing it over and over in practice mode.(which is something I’m already doing to try to improve my situation)

I am assuming you mean Dictator’s teleport instead of Ultra? The trick for that is ending on up-forward to completely avoid the teleport. Otherwise just training mode inputs on.

It also applies to other characters with charge b,f,b,f like Dee Jay?

I’ll try ending on an up forward and see if that helps a little

It sounds like you aren’t fully comfortable using a stick. Id suggest going into training mode and attempting to do moves as cleanly as possible with inputs shown. By this I mean inputing each special and combo with only the necessary motions and buttons required. 360 motions can be preformed with a 270 motions instead, this means that you only have to get the joystick to the forward up position rather then forward neutral one.

As for charging, you should always be holding back or down back whenever you are preforming any move or jumping. Getting into the habit of doing this all the time will make playing charge characters a lot easier. If you are having trouble with this, then boot up training mode with Guile and practice always keeping a sonic boom on screen while only moving forward.

Which angle is better to start off doing the 360 or is it the matter of preferences?

It is a matter of preference. I go from forward to back then up, some people go from back to forward. Either way uyou want to start at either forward or back and get a full 180 degree swing in before any up inputs are registered (as they will cause the pre-jump animation to begin, after which you are in the air), then quickly continue the remainder of the motion to up.

:r::df::d::db::l::ub::u: AKA :360: For grounded 720s you need to buffer the first 360 into a normal move or a dash or blockstun to negate any up directional inputs so as not to jump.

The easiest way to start doing 360s (270 really) or 720s (540) is while jumping. Not very safe though

Mang, you dont even need to go all the way up.
:hcb::ub::p: works great.
If you use a square gate…just do like I do and slam that shit into the corner and hit punch, works every time.

Yeah, I just follow through to up since I have nothing better to do while they are being tossed.

most likely not unless they gave him a new move that is an SRK motion. for example this dictator problem doesnt exist for honda because there is no alternative move (like SRK+PPP) for the game to misinterpret a botched input as.

@Kelter Skelter I couldnt pull off Dictators ultra to save my life when i was on pad but gettin a stick helped. it sucks to hear but i guess it really does come down to practicin. I main Rog so it wasnt that hard of a transition for me.

I like that up forward trick tho, imma try it