Using a 360 stick with Titan One. Game keeps randomly crashing

Every time it crashes, it’s when it has to do its reconnect/authenticate whatever thing. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to be very annoying. Does anyone else run this setup have this issue? Anyway to combat it?

If it’s an issue with the Titan One, then you might be better off using a different converter, like the Brook.

Same happens with Cronusmax unless you use the USB-hub solution. Anyways seems that you should avoid CronusMax and Titan One for Fighting Sticks on PS4.

Both are based on the same hardware I believe.

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Yep. CronusMax has a new model which supports a USB-hub. With that it is constantly authenticated to PS4 so it won’t crash. They claim that the crash is caused by PS4’s OS limitations…

In any case Brook adapter seems to be the way to go (especially on PS4).

Yeah, I’ve looked into the Brook. They’re all sold out of the one I would need. EBay has them for a high markup, but I’m not paying that. I guess I’ll just wait it out. Thanks guys.