Using a controller to charge partiton



I Don’t have a stick & I just picked up URIEN I love his play style but I can’t seem to charge partition for the life of me, is it me or is controller just really hard to use? I use analog stick sadly… Can anyone who plays on controller relate? Also what should I practice with URIEN to get use to him? I seen alot of people link somthing into a tackle or tackle super I been ignoring tackles unless I juggled in the corner Should I tackle more often?


what do you mean by charge partitioning? maybe I can help?


I’m not going to say it’s impossible…
But CP on a pad is going to be really REALLY difficult.

As for the tackle combo, it’s more of a buffer than a CP. The only CP that you’re going to really want to learn is the setup for a midscreen unblockable which goes something like this: C.hp, tackle xx HP aegis, tackle again. dash up headbutt (to hop to the other side), dash back to setup the unblockable.

Tackle’s shouldn’t be used as a means to get in, but midscreen, they’re very useful within combos.

Mind you: I don’t play pad, and I don’t play Urien. I play Remy, and I did learn him on pad. I could CP with the DPad, but not the stick for dash up, EX LOV


Ah well thanks It just seems so hard… I can do it like 1 out of 10 times and thats while im fighting a match yeah idk I’m just going to keep playing ranked matches and get the feel for him I think I want him to be my main I play Oro & Yun but I’m really liking Urien Ounce I Get my stick I think Il focus on mainly Urien


Feel free to add me on 3s Hiyooma goes for anyone


TTH should be fine on controller. it’s just a matter of knowing the timing well.

partitioning could be a pickle though. don’t stress though. it takes a lot of consistent practice and patience to build up the muscle memory to the point where you just know when stuff is going to happen and when it won’t.

3S was made to be played only on an arcade setup. using a controller is gimping yourself 90% of the time i think. put aside some money and find a used stick on craigslist/ebay/amazon.


“I just picked up URIEN”

Theres your answer.

Learn footsies, fundamentals…try to play like pierre or rikimaru urien.


I play on ps3 pad sometimes and I use analog when I play too. I don’t really find controller hard to use on 3s even with things like charge partitioning, it’s just a matter of practice and getting used to how everything feels. But as tebbo said the game is meant to be played on an arcade setting.


I use an xbox controller to play Urien. I accomplish partitioning by using both the joystick and the d-pad (charge with the joystick, dash with the d-pad, continue charging with the joystick) though that may not be tourney legal. It’s really not that hard.

Also, TTH is pretty easy IMO. I find him to be the easiest character to use with a controller, actually. You just have to hold that trigger like Ron Weasley.