Using a custom arcade stick with an orginal Xbox


I’ve recently bought marvel vs capcom 2 for the orginal Xbox and wondered the best way to build a custom arcade stick to use with it?
Would rj45 work?
I’d prefer to use a interface (eg. Ps360) than butcher an old controller.
Anyone out there built something like this?

Many thanks


Yep that is exactly how its done.

A lot of people have done this successfully for a great number of consoles including the Original Xbox.

Get a board like the PS360+ or the MC Cthulhu and a RJ45 connector.
Most people get aNEUTRIK RJ45 FEED-THROUGH
Although some people prefer the SWITCHCRAFT RJ45 CONNECTORwhich mounts easier in wood that the Neutrik

Next time head to the following thread

You find links to just about every guide SRK ever churned out ever

You will find the following

Those would explain everything you need to know about the mod you are trying to do.


Many thanks
Sorry next time I will post and research accordingly.


Its okay, now you know.

Its like the saying "give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.