Using a fake name at coffee shops and such?


Curious if anyone happens to do this. My mom recently told me that she’s been using the name “Eva” every time she goes to a coffee shop or any place that asks your name like that. Wondering if anyone of you guys use fake names for such things, and what they are.

I for one, totally plan to become “Mike Ross” next time I get a smoothie at the nearby place.


Who is so afraid of life that they use a fake name to order a coffee?


Women? Lying?

Color me surprised.


I think she just finds amusement in it. Not the first time I’ve heard of someone doing it, I guess. But usually its just been a friend leaving a really immature and cliche one like Seymour Butts.


Why would a coffee place require a name?


Your mom’s weird.


They get busy, and when you’re stuff is ready, they just call out your name. Is the easy way of saying “We’re so impersonal, we’re just going to forget your face.”


Reminds me of what the players here did last year…


My friend gives a different name at Starbucks every time. Last time he said his name was Sandy. Sure some guys can be named Sandy, but this dude is 6’5, 250+ lbs black guy with a deep Barry White voice.:rofl:


wow very nerdy


My girlfriend’s brother in-law likes doing this just for kicks. He goes to the same Starbucks every day and always gives them a different name. I’m not sure how he started, but getting them to call you “Dominique” is pretty funny in my opinion.


seriously, this sounds like some paranoid female fantasy type bullshit

i just tell everyone who i am: Lil B BasedGod


I think this is totally amusing. Amusing for no reason, and I like that.


I have done that for years, sometimes it’s Joel, other times it’s Ralph. It is fun to see your friends light up as you lie to a complete stranger in front of them. It’s little things like giving false names that can make what would be a average experience just a little better. I also recommend placing bizarre bets with your friends for the lulz.


I do it sometimes just for fun. Once, I forgot that I did it and came to get my coffee* late.

[font=5]*I don’t drink that lacy-spacy cream on top shit. Just a tall coffee black with two sugars, please.[/FONT]


Hating on da cream. The cream is what makes the coffee manly bro.


You need to show your passport here, fake names don’t fly here

lol @ actual coffee shops, the fuck… I thought we were talking about buying drugs


People also tend to not just stand off to the side either. Sometimes they’ll physically leave the store, or have their headphones in and not be paying attention.

Staff don’t necessarily forget your face, often it’s just not possible to bring your coffee out to you, especially when shit gets busy.


i dont use a fake name, but fuck those bitches that want their coffee or whatever at a certain temperature with just the right amount of ingredients, and if you fuk it up, they make the guy start all over again and hold up the line. FUCK YOU


Your mum sounds either incredibly pretentious or very paranoid. Why would anyone in a coffee shop need to give a fake name? Your mum realises she’s not Jack Bauer and the ex-KGB agents aren’t really after her yeah?