Using a Generation NEX arcade stick for a case?

An interesting thought popped into my head today… The Messiah Generation NEX was a very well recieved clone console of the NES that featured wireless controllers, and the manufacturer also made a very sturdy adult-friendly NES Advantage clone, which according to reviews has a surprisingly solid build. It looks to me like it may have some modding potential for fighting sticks. Even though Messiah went out of business though, the Arcade stick is still very easy to obtain in comparison to the actual NEX system. You can get it new from Amazon for $60, which is quite cheap compared to the upwards of $150 for the Nubytech SF Aniversary on eBay.

Basically, you’d have to remove the plexiglass, buttons, CPO, etc., and then drill new button holes into it. This would in turn mean you’d have to cut a new sheet of plexiglass, although that probably wouldn’t be too difficult. There would naturally be a lot of unused holes / cuts in the casing, but underneath the new CPO and plexiglass, no-one would be able to tell anyway. The only concern I’d have is wether or not it would be too snug to fit 6 buttons onto that thing’s surface, but judging from the pictures it looks at least doable. So what do you think? Could this stick be a viable option for western-style stick fans looking for a shortcut to Happ-iness?

This may not be completely relevant, but I paid $60 shipped for a SFAC stick on eBay a few months back. Did I beat the rush? I would have just gone the Arcade-In-A-Box route if the things would have been $150.