Using a Hori EX2 board for dual modding another stick?

I’m making a stick, and rather than go buy a new controller (even though it’d be a gamestop one), I’d rather use what I have. Has anyone ever used a board from a Hori Fightstick EX2 in another arcade stick?

I’d imagine you could use it alone, since it’s essentially transferring the board to a new box and buttons, but dual modding is a whole nother story. I’ve heard it doesn’t have a common ground, and I’m not sure if this is true, but any help would be great. :]

Also, I was looking into the Madcatz retro arcade stick as a cheaper alternative, but the board’s a bit bulky. It’s still cheaper than one of those Madcatz/Gamestop 360 controllers.


HORI Fighting Stick EX2 is non-Common Ground.
Not use in Dual Mod.

Just use an Xbox 360 Mad Catz SFIV FightPad or Mad Catz Xbox 360 Controller.
Or the Mad Catz Retro Arcade, since you say is cheaper.

it is possible but the cost of components needed, knowledge required, high possibility of failure and time spent making it work exceeds just buying the $25 controller. The only reason to do it is to take on a challenge. If it was more cost effective to dual mod a ex2 pcb you would have seen a tutoral for it.

rough guesses are that it could cost $15-$80 bucks in supplies to common ground the pcb, many hours to understand how to mod the signals for common ground, and a good chance you will never get it to work.

Yes Bkid, like rtdzign said, it is possible.

Just use Resistors and Transistors, Analog Switch and Hex Inverter, Optocouplers.
A lot of ways to turn non-Common Ground to Common Ground.

But it is not worth it.

Yeahh, that doesn’t really sound worth it at all. I’ll keep looking into alternatives, thanks.

I’ve had super bad luck with retro PCBs. They like to die out on me after a few months. I think they got mad at me for poking it with a hot stick.

EX2 PCB’s are absolutely horrible for modding, and should be avoided. Their lifespan is low as the copper contacts are easily damaged by even short bursts of soldering iron heat used in conjunction with a solder sucker.

I don’t know how HORI can even sleep at night knowing they’re still producing these…

The cheapest way to do the common ground mod is using transistors and resistors. It should at most cost $10 in parts by going to radioshack. Or you can have an adventure and rummage through old electronic boards like broken vcrs to find the resistors and transistors.

But then you still need to know how to wire it all together.

Its all really a big hassle and really not worth the effort, at least to be done for this stick.