Using a ps2 fightpad on the Wii

Ok so heres my issue. I own a Wii. I dont own a gamecube controller or classic controller. I also dont want to drop 80 on a madcatz or Hori stick. I already have a TE for my 360. I want to play TvC like a real player but all i have is the Wiimote. I have seen a dongle (please no snickering) that attaches to the wiimote and allows you to use a ps1 or ps2 controller on the wii. Im wondering if anyone has tried this or not. I own two fightpads (the 15th anniversary SF pads from PS2) and i want to place TvC with them. Anyone hear of this working or might have any info? Thanks!

I haven’t seen anyone say good/bad about that converter in the Converter Compatibility Thread, I’m curious to know this as well.

Although, you can get a PS2 -> GameCube converter to work with TvC.

Oh snap i forgot about that. Yeah im really hating TvC right now bc the wiimote thinks im 3 years old. who wants to throw a special with the B button?

lol its funny i thought i was the only one messing around w/ wiimote haha. My custom arrives next week and I just had to play it a couple times…horrendous :lol:

I don’t know if it helps, but I did purchase three PS2 to Gamecube converters last year from Play-Asia and they worked very well for me on Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation Of Heroes. I even tested them using the third party Dragon Ball Z PS2 controllers . Here’s the links for the ones I bought:

Cube Joybox Pro -

Magic Path II -

Classic Linker Plus -

There’s also this one that came out more recent, but I don’t have it so I don’t know how good it is (reviews look good though)

Controller Adapter (PS2 Pads on Wii Remote) -

What I like about the Classic Linker Plus is that you can also plug your Classic Controller or Wii Sticks to the Gamecube port on the Wii so you don’t have to rely on batteries. The Anniversary Pad is a good choice for this game on the Wii.

If you want to, you can use the Street Fighter controller until you decide on an arcade stick or get the Wii Hori Stick which is good also.

I was thinking of grabbing one of these and i was wondering if you can just plug these in while the game is running without having to restart the wii. I know its kinda minor but i play with a large group of friends and having to restart the wii for it to work would get rather annoying.