Using a PS3 controller with 64 bit windows 7

Hi, I’ve been trying to get my ps3 controller working on my new PC, and while there are threads about this, none of them cover windows 7. I have gotten it working on an older PC with XP but it’s just not working. I’ve been looking all over for tutorials and either I don’t get it or I have a different kind of windows 7.

Anyone able to get this done?

Yeah, you have to connect it using MotionInJoy and disabling device signatures at start up. I’ve been using it for FF14 alpha/beta.

I saw that but it said you’d have to hit f8 and choose an option everytime you start up your PC.

That’s the only way to do it as far as I know and it’s not that great so I stopped using it

You’re better off just buying one of those convertors or getting a 360/PC controller.

you need to force win7 into test mode and then fake the driver sig. easiest way is to install DESO (Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider) dseo13b.exe

  1. Run dseo13b.exe program
  2. click “enable test mode”. This allows 64 bit Windows 7 to be used for testing drivers
  3. I rebooted to be safe, and you will see a faint test mode print in the corner
  4. Now open Device Manager and find the location of the unsigned drivers that wont work, by expanding Properties and Driver Details. Your looking for something like C:\Windows\System32\drivers\xxxxxxx.sys
  5. Run dseo13b.exe program again
  6. This time select “sign a system file” and put in the location of the file you found in Device Manager
  7. Repeat for all files in question then close. You have now assigned a signature to those files
  8. Reboot

Having some trouble here. Got into test mode. I can’t find the drivers. I got this thing called motion in joy and it can’t detect the controller at all. Although windows says my device is there (Playstation controller).

install motioninjoy
plug in ps3 controller
f8 at boot and disable device driver signature
when you log back into windows, open up motioninjoy and press the connect button in the program
play games