Using a PS3/XBOX 360 in a Vewlix cabinet?


Excuse my newbie question as I am new around here. I tried doing some research on putting a console inside a Vewlix cabinet but I wasn’t able to find much. As it seem those cabinets seem to take only PCB kits.

I am trying to just mirror an arcade experience in my home by having 2 cabinets in my home. However, those arcade cabinets are quite expensive. So I was wondering if I can somehow hack it using consoles and just buy some empty Vewlix cabinets to do that. Or if anything can I do something else that can imitate the arcades. This is for Street Fighter 4 by the way. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


You sure you want to drop 10k (before shipping and freight costs) on a pair of empty Vewlix cabs?

It would probably be more cost effective to build your own versus style cabinet with dual LCD screens.


I think savings costs is always a good thing. I was looking into that too. Is just that I am not sure where I can find the vewlix joystick panels. It seems you’ll need the whole cabinet to have access to those? I’ve been trying to google it to see if I can find them to be sold separately.


Yeah, the Vewlix panels can be sold separately. has the 2 player on one side panel for ~$300USD. If you fire them an email I’m sure they can get you a Vewlix kit that SF4 uses (one player per side). They also have the standard 30mm buttons and standard mount points for the JLF, so you can just wire those to whatever PCB if you wanted to.