Using a single dash button for Magneto loops?

Does anyone else do this? I was unable to do any of the basic loops very well, but since mapping L + M to one of the extra buttons on my fightstick, I’ve been able to do flight and hyper grav combos much more easily. Are there any disadvantages to doing things this way? It just eliminates the possibility of accidentally hitting one of the two buttons required for dashing before the other and getting a normal attack.

This is how I play my padneto

It’s a good short term solution for his combos. But eventually, you’ll come to a point where you NEED to actively dash with two buttons rather than a hotkey. As you may know, when you dash with 2 particular buttons, those same 2 buttons are disabled for a couple of frames. In Magneto’s case, all of his air attacks have a good use while approaching/mixing up, so you’ll want instant access to them at all times; hotkeys simply come short in terms of leaving me my options.

^Wow, I never knew that. No wonder when I was trying to play Magneto at first with pad I couldn’t just mash R2 to get a Fly Fierce combo going.

In my case, I still use the two-button dash in other situations, I’ve just taken to using the single-button for the combo loops as well as approaches for when I want to tridash and get a really fast overhead H on the way down. I plink from my dash button to H and it works quite well. I’ve been unable to get that to work by two-button dashing and then hitting H, the H just doesn’t come out in time. Then again, I have been dashing with M+H, so maybe H is just disabled for that brief time as mentioned by shinquickman.

Yeah I use this quite often for fly loops (and recently hyper grav loops). It’s really quite useful IMO. It makes it harder to drop combos due to bad execution. The MAIN problem is that if you aren’t careful, you can accidentally hit the M on the way to the L (like in hyper grav loop) due to the sensitivity of the Sanwa buttons and get Magnetic Tempest instead of Hypergrav. Another problem is that if you don’t have your stick, you may have to borrow a 6 button stick (or play after someone who disables the side buttons) and this will prevent you from playing optimally. Just make sure to map to l + m for hyper grav loop (plink macro, h) and just tri jump using the 3 standard buttons instead of the macro. Or at least that’s the best way to do it imo.

I thought I was the only one who did this. The top row of my stick is set to L, M, H, and L+M. Doing the H ad M H loop is a lot more comfortable with the M, H, and L+M buttons. My fingers cramp up super fast if I do it the normal way.

That said, I’m also really comfortable at doing the combo without the button if I’m going for a reset, and I do the hypergrav loop normally, as well as tri-jump pressure and everything. I only ever use the shortcut key if I’ve hitconfirmed into the airdash loop.