Using a stick correctly

My execution has always been bad and I’m starting to think that the way I use the buttons on the stick is to blame. You here lots about holding the the joystick but nothing about using the buttons.

I rest the base of my palm on the surface with my thumb on lk and my next 3 fingers across the punches. To hit mk I bend my thumb under and squish my pinky over to hit hk. It’s fine normally but I’ve been having trouble with mp > mk links and with techniques like mk hands.

When I see people play at tournaments they seem to hover their hand at all times mostly playing without using their thumb by the looks of things. Would I be better off trying to adopt this style?

little advice ,try to finish SSF4 missions with every caracter,by the time you do it youll noticed your hand get a little used ,try double tapping,and last but not least,in training mod make input visible and try to get rid of every unecessary directions like in a hadou motion,theres only D,DF,F +P try to only have those commands,youll see in no time your execution will be top notch…cheeers

The position of your button hand is going to depend on who you’re using.

What I mean is this… I typically play Blanka / Juri in SSF4. When I play Blanka, my thumbs is neglected and I mostly use my index, middle, and ring. There’s very few times when I need to use my thumb or pinky in his case. I hit my verticals (LP+LK, MP+MK, …) with my index on the kick and my middle on the punch. Seems to work very cleanly for me. When I use Juri, I use all five fingers because of holding her kicks in weird ways. When i play other characters, like Balrog, I have to do the same thing to charge turnaround punches.

In another game:
3S, I play Akuma. MOST OF THE TIME, I’m just using TWO fingers, pointer and middle. I Kara throw with middle on MP, index+thumb on throw, and I SGGK with my ring on MK and index+middle for throw. I also need all 5 fingers to TKD.

In MvC2, I typically use everything except my ring finger.

So it really just depends on who I’m using and what game I’m playing.

  1. read the stickies

  2. practice

practice makes perfect. With enough of it, you’ll figure out what does/doesn’t work for you.

I was in your position when i moved from pad to stick on TvC…
Check out eventhubs, they helped me alot:

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Just make sure you don’t do what I did and practice too much, then go to the doctor and have to explain what an arcade stick is and why you have a horrible wrist sprain on your right hand. Then have to stretch your hand a lot, work up flexibility, plus you get to ice your arm and people think you play baseball and not… Well again, explaining what an arcade stick is :wink:

buy a fightpad and switch back to pad

pad is king !