Using a stick (for dummies)

Ok, so I’m a long time pad player who wants to convert to using a stick permantly. I recently (finally) acquired a SCII Hori stick for PS2, and so am now able to use a stick 24/7. I find that I can play 3S fine with a stick, however cvs2 is a mess. I would like replies only directed and cvs2 configuration setups, as I’m sure there are different ones for other games (ie I would imagine mvc2 would differ quite a bit form cvs2.) What I currently use is;

LP:Index finger
MP:Middle finger
HP:Ring finger

By far my biggest problem is HK. Nothing get’s there easily. I just throw out w/e comes to mind which starts a chain effect of using different fingers for all sorts of buttons. It quickly screws my configuration over, to the point where mid game I literally have to shake my hand and ‘reset’. I feel most comfortable using my thumb for all the kicks, but this brings a few implications. Namely it’s incredibly difficult to go from HK into LK. A good example would be Akuma xx qcb+lk. That’s a stock standard combo piece which I cannot do comfortably, or reliably.

So yeh any advice as to what I’m doing ‘wrong’ would be good. Failing that just post whats works for you so that I can at least compare.

P.S. Does anyone actually use different configurations for different characters? Just thought of that…

I’m not sure if this is related to your question, but…

Hit the buttons as if each button press was like actually hitting your opponent. Tried and true by many players…this means that if you wanna…combo into super, then you would slam on the buttons, and I don’t think people slam buttons with their pinkies, so use your index finger.

For the kicks, you can just move your first 3 fingers…down?
And for finesse moves, such as RCs, that requires practice I guess…
Or advanced muscle memory via negative edge…(RC funky kick)

My pinky sucks too, I don’t even think of using Chun’s RC HK legs cuz it doesn’t seem like a reliable option to me at all…=\

That’s what I’m currently doing, however I’m experiencing far too many problems doing that. When I was on a pad I could hit any button at any time I wanted to. My execution for the majority of comboes was freakishly high. On a stick I can’t even do the said xx qcb+lk. With all the hype about how much better sticks are then pads, I just would imagine there’s something I’m doing wrong. Noone can use their thumb for LK and HK, it just doesn’t seem feasible.

I assume people are familiar with double tapping…

The way I execute the Raging Demon is by double tapping jab, tapping foward, and tapping short—>fierce. I don’t press short and fierce at the same time, it’s more of like a double tapping speed. I also use my thumb and ring finger for shot and fierce, respectively.

Ranevski…I assume you’ve been playing on a PS2 pad, yeah?
Then I’m guessing that your Fierce and Roundhouse were on the right shoulder buttons…for Akuma’s sweep into hurricane, try using your ring or middle finger for the sweeep, and your thumb for the lk after the qcb input. This might feel more natural for you since I’m guessing your thumb was a big factor in your execution on pad.