Using a Stick, One warrior's path walked alone

Feeling disenfranchised and alone right now. I mean Its not that serious as it is just a video game LOL. My friends have abandoned the mission of learning to use a stick. I brought my TE Fight stick and I must admit, It is very frustrating using this thing, as I have used a Pad for most of my fighting game experience.

I am a lone warrior on this mission to learn Stick, should I continue on or just Quit and go back to Pad.

I need some Pros to using a stick here…Is it seriously going to make me a better player?


practice the rolling motions until you get them consistently.

Don’t ride the gate.

If you can’t make the adjustment, play with charge characters.

Don’t worry, im also just learning how to play on a stick. I’ve been playing ST and 3s for nearly 2 years (which is short compared to most others here @ srk) and until now i had been using a pad exclusively. A while ago i considered getting the SoulCaliber4 sticks when they came out but by the time i put the money aside the SF4 sticks were announced so i just decided to wait.

Long story short, im much much worse with my stick than i was with a pad… For now. I honestly believe that you will eventually realize you can only do so much with a pad and that Street Fighter is and always has been made for the layout of a stick. I began to get to a point in Third Strike where i started getting pretty good with a pad and was able to hold my own on GGPO and hdremix for a while, but i lacked the ability to pull off things like kara-throws; and other techniques that require far more dexterity then my thumb could provide.

It does take time to learn with a stick, and i get frustrated (and downright pissed sometimes) when i lose to people online because of missing an easy input or accidentally jumping or blocking low when i should have blocked right just because im not used to playing on a stick (especially one with a square gate). It can be very hard sometimes, and you will get totally destroyed by people who may not even know what they are doing half the time. HOWEVER… If you put in the time and the effort and take it very slow you will learn to play on a stick and you will pass all the limits of pad users.

I’ll use this as an analogy since i’m a music student…:

If i was a pianist, and i spent years and years studying music theory and applying that to my piano playing i would undoubtedly become great. Not just great at playing someone else song, but great in a sense that you have the technique to be able to play a difficult piece, but also the theory to be able to understand the intricacies of the piece. – However, suddenly, i might decided to learn a new instrument, like guitar or cello or trumpet (etc, doesn’t really matter)… I would still know all the music theory, as it is universally applied to all western instruments in the same way. (i.e.: a major scale is the same structurally and in terms of intervals regardless of the instrument). – But now, even though i may know exactly what i have to do, i will be lacking the technique to pull it off on a guitar with anywhere near the same degree of skill as i could on a piano. So in order to bring my technique up to the same level as my understanding of theory, i would need to practice and not give up. It would be frustrating to learn a new instrument, but switching back to my original instrument wouldn’t be any help at all when it comes to learning the new one.

This exact same concept is applied to this situation. My Street Fighter theory is fine. I have a pretty good idea what i have to do to win and some of the time i have a very good idea of what my opponent is going to do. If he comes in and tries to do a meaty normal to you, your brain might know that you need to pull off a reversal, but your hands might lack the technique to do so. – Its a very difficult and frustrating thing when your ability to understand the theory and strategy of the game is so far above your ability to consistently execute it. I’m suffering from that right now too and i’ve been very temped to give up and go back to my comfort zone…

But in the end of the day, i know that i want to learn a stick. I don’t know if it will automatically make me a better player in general, i might run into the same limits i did with a pad. But, i want to try and become the best player i can be. So if you are motivated to improve then do what i do:

Stick your controllers in a drawer, continue to practice (and lose) everyday and dont give up. If you lose over and over, dont focus on that, focus on the fact that you have just as much potential to win the next one as any other human. I get angry, and just plain old pissed off when i lose sometimes but that doesnt make me any better (its a bad habit that i have to get rid of if i want to improve)… The only thing that will ever stop you from getting better is if you give up or lose the ability to focus on the next fight.

You can buy an octo gate for your stick so you can use it with QCF characters better.

yea but octo gate is for weenies, or so they say…

KatanaSwordfish said everything I was thinking about saying, and in a much better way. Just push forward

If you’re transferring from a pad to a stick, you need to go back to basics. You can’t pick up where you left off. You may know the game, but your hands don’t. I don’t recommend playing matches at first.

Go to practice mode in your game of choice. Choose a character with fire balls. Get to where you can throw 30 in a row without any mistakes. If you mess up, start over. Then do it on the other side. Most people have a side that’s more difficult for them. Don’t work less on that side because it’s more difficult. If anything, work on that side more often.

Then do the same with shoryuken motion. Once those are down, work on the xx super motion. Get to where you can throw at least ten in a row without missing any. Then work on a charge character, and buffer the moves as quick as you can. Do this for both a back to forward motion, and a down to up. Then practice your dashes. Get to where you can dash six times in a row, both directions, with little to no space between them.

Once these feel consistent and your hand feels comfortable doing them, work on your button presses. Basically, just string normals, pokes and links without specials. Then practice linking your jump ins, and out of dashes.

Once you feel solid with each of these, start mixing them up. Just do it on the fly. 4 dashes, back dash, 6 fireballs, two shoryus, a poke string, 3 supers. Shit like that. Just beat on a dummy until all of your fundamentals feel solid.

Playing matches will frustrate you if you aren’t comfortable with a stick. You’ll be concentrating on just getting your moves off instead of watching and reacting. Some people can just play and pick it up, but if you’re coming from a pad, you’re basically breaking old habits. But once you get used to a stick, you likely won’t go back. To me it’s the equivalent of mouse and keyboard versus pad with FPS games.

Or you could just sell me your TE stick. I need a stick for xbox.

i totally agree with you, im a new stick user as well(TE STICK) and im finding it hard to get use to using it but im gonna keep trying and practicing.

Theres this one challenge mode with ryu and they want u to do a airbourne tastumaki and im stuck on it and cant do it to save my life! but with enough practice it will come so dont give up!

go back to a pad, and sell your TE stick to me. I have cash in hand.

disregard if its for ps3

Never used a stick in my life until a week ago. I have been using a Hori EX2 since then and my TE should be shipped any day.

For some reason I was actually able to transition to a stick pretty quickly. I’m not exactly spectacular with it, but I was able to pull off an ultra on my first try without mashing anything.

My first impression was that it immediately made things easier. But I’m with ya pal. One friend of mine is still sticking with the stick while the rest of my friends aren’t gonna give up their pads just yet.

I’m kinda in the same boat. Street Fighter 4 is forcing me to go back to stick. I used to be in the arcades nearly everyday during the early 3S days. I then settled into pad and noticed my execution was alot better and i was still able to pull of big combos. But now SFIV and its focus system is just too much for me on pad. Gotta drop some cash on a stick now and and I’m looking at some stick builders on here. So YOU!!! are not alone.

How do you give out positive rep…

Bear I will try what you say. The Stick is not for SALE right now LOL

I won’t quit thanks guys