Using a stick with a 1mm throw

Ok I’ll start a new thread on this… My stick gets here in about 8 hours. bare in mind that i’m using it in my arcade cab (with ST) … i think its actually closer to 0.5mm:sweat:

to those who were interested I’ll update you on how it feels and i’ll post a few pics of the stick when I can.

i doubt you mean 1mm throw… you might mean the dead zone is 1mm?


whats the difference?

From slagcoin:

Joystick Movements


Neutral is the place where the shaft stands when not touched, ideally midway between each opposing direction.


The deadzone is the space between the switches where no directions get engaged (including neutral).


An engage happens when one or more switches are pressed. Engage distance refers to the distance/angle between neutral and the engagement of a given switch or set of switches. A shorter engage distance means a smaller deadzone and a larger engage distance means a larger deadzone. The engage distances are determined pretty much by how the joystick is manufactured with the placement of the switches and sizing of the actuator(s).

Engage zones are areas where one or more switches are engaged. These zones are determined by the engage distances, and by the size, shape, and placement of the restrictor.


The throw is the place where the joystick gets stopped in a particular direction. Throw distance is the maximum distance/angle the shaft can be moved in a particular direction. The edge surrounding the movable area of the joystick (all the throws) is composed by the restrictor. Restrictor gates specifically shorten and redistribute the throw distances.


its both.

1mm throw and 1mm dead zone.

that means that ur stick only moves 2mm.

You ever drive stick? The throw is from on gear to the other. So the distance from first to second is the “throw”. There are a few other details but for the most part thats the idea.

So it only engages at its perimeter? Haha, that sounds like it would be very strange to play on. Let us know how it feels, dude! :smile:

Wouldn’t sticks that read digital inputs operate in the same manner (ex: Sanwa Flash)?

that means it engages if he sneezes at his stick


no its 1mm or even 0.5mm

i did that for dashing purposes. sometimes the stick stays engaged when i double tap.

moves only 1mm… you know how much 1mm is?


Were you the same guy that looked into doing this, because you were more comfortable with pads?

I seriously doubt that this will work out well for you. But good luck.

no he was the guy who looked into this because of double tapping and throw of the microswitch is just too much

tell us how you did it and how it feels btw.

lol no kidding. only 1mm room to move in all directions?? Good luck!

by the time you get halfway through a dp motion you’ll be jumping backwards lol

That doesn’t sound totally right.

If it’s 1mm deadzone, then you move the stick for 1mm and nothing happens.

If it’s 1mm throw, you move the stick 1mm and you hit the restrictor.

Either the deadzone is a little less than 1 mm or your stick doesn’t work.

Also, if it only has 1mm throw, hitting diagonals/qcf/etc. must be hell. Even if you have some sort of octagonal restrictor- but then, how is it 1mm all around?

What’s your engage distances, man?

Ok, I got the stick about an hour ago, I havent used it yet. the guy who designed the new baseplate (which i could’ve done myself) didnt quite center the hole correctly, so the throw is approximately 1.5mm on 1 side which feels great and 0.5 on the other:bluu:

on the 1.5 side it engages after 1mm. double tapping feels perfect.

on the 0.5 side the actuator wont connect with the switches so I may have to file that down a little.

i like the fact that i dont have to use levered switches anymore.

and yes you guys were right, if the throw and the dead zone were the same it would be impossible to hit corners. so i’m leaving it at 1.5mm deadzone and a 1mm throw.

Color me intrigued. I can has pics?

ah, i’m so confused at what you mean.

that’s like saying the length from your elbow to your wrist is 1 foot, and elbow to fingertip is 8inches. i think you have it backwards.

those tiny things between the centimeters are millimeters.

you can seriously feel a difference between 1mm and .5mm?

lets say its no more than 2mm but it engages at 1. i was taking into account the hole size but i’m sure the angle of of the stick when it engages accounts for something.