Using a teensylc to emulate the xbox 360 controller for pc

I created this project and completed the write up for it recently. HackaDay has since featured it and I almost forgot to come back here and post it for you guys. Works out pretty well if you only ever wanted PC support. This probably won’t fit the bill for everyone, since it will be kind of hard to use at tournaments and stuff. Maybe some of you guys have sticks that just get used at home on a PC though.

-Zack ‘REAPER’ Littell-

Okay. I read up on what this does and that’s pretty cool what you have. If this project could have also worked natively for the Xbox 360 you would have been on to something huge. Know one has publicly release a hacked firmware to the Xbox 360 controller. Those who have figured it out have kept that secret to themselves.

I’ll imagine so, just to avoid C&D letters from MS.

worth mentioning: x360ce lets you *redirect *your non-XInput usb input to XInput

Cool project, thanks for sharing the code. I’m currently unemployed and bored so I’m thinking on learning a little about all this microcontroller stuff, I have an stm32 nucleo board laying around and will try to learn from your work.