Using a USB stick in a car radio

ok now I dont know to much about this but if I transfer MP3 files to the stick and just put it on the radio, will it work ?

I mean do I need a special program in the stick and can I put WAV files or just MP3 or what, as I am renting a car from Alamo when I arrive in America in 2 weeks time.

My car has this feature so I need to buy one and test it out first, so is it any USB stick

Look in your car radio’s manual. If you don’t have that, look up the manual online. It should say so.

I suggest just using a tape player adaptor and an ipod, but it really depends on the car radio. Most commonly they either have a tape deck or AUX in on car stereos.

I phoned up alamo and they said it has AUX, so if does then what do I need then and what do I need to do ?

it will be a Pontiac G5 and it should be 2 years old max

Ok, I’m no car stereo buff or anything but I am a nerd. If the deck has an aux input then it is just like any aux input on any other stereo you have used. You just need a cord that has an end that is the same type as just about any pair of headphones has. Of course you need a cord with that end on both sides, one side to plug in to your ipod headphone jack and one side that will plug in the car stereo. Then when you play your ipod the music should play out of your car speakers when the deck is on aux output. Im sure google or someone here can help you with the plug size but I would suggest you order any and all cables from


Also if the deck only has an aux input but no usb slot then your only option is to use an mp3 player as far as I know…

When I read this, I thought someone was about to put a joystick into their car’s radio to use it as a controller for volume and tracks, etc. Haha.

But if I can add something to help, the simplest way to try it out is if you’re using a dedicated USB flash drive, just put all your mp3s onto it without any folders. Generally will avert any problems, because the first files it will read will be a bunch of mp3 files. Likely won’t require any special programs. Just drag-n-drop on the computer, plug into your car’s USB jack, and test it out. If not, you’re going to have to read up on your car’s manual for this. We don’t know how every single car’s USB MP3 player works, but the method I’ve listed is the simplest method. And simple is good, and usually works best.

But, I’d still say burn a CD or two of the tracks you MUST MUST have to bring with you. Just in case.

ok I thought an AUX was a USB slot as that is what I asked the guy and he said it was ?

An AUX slot is a slot designed for headphone jacks. You have to get an Auxiliary jack (which is a double-sided headphone jack), and plug it into an mp3 player (or anything that can have headphones plugged into it). Then play whatever you want to hear through the mp3 player.

In short, auxiliary is like plugging headphones into an mp3 player, but instead of playing through headphones, it’s played through your car’s speakers.