Using a USB stick on mame

I’ve got a DOA4 Hori Stick, I tried plugging it in and setting the controls up in mame, but I am unable to check the box. Anyone know how to get USB sticks working on a PC? I need to use my current stick till I get a new one and a magic box converter.

have you checked in Control panel in the joystick options to see if your controller is properly installed. Ive used USB controllers in MAME before so i dont think its a problem with mame, check to see if its properly installed:wink:

Ah, damn, forgot about that. Thanks, I’ll try it out.

Mine is porperly installed and I can get it to run with Zsnes but not with MAME! HELP!

Which mame are you using? If it’s one with a GUI (i.e. not the command line mame), then you have to go to Options->Default Options->Controllers, ensure ‘Use Joystick’ is checked and make sure P1 is assigned the joystick (usually ID:1, if you have only one plugged in).

If it is command line mame, or some version that still relies on the mame.ini file, then navigate to the program directory, open mame.ini in a text editor (notepad, wordpad, etc), and find the section that relates to controllers and input devices (sorry, don’t remember exactly the section of mame.ini in which you will find this). There will be a listing for joystick. Change the ‘0’ to a ‘1’.

I’ve got the same problem. When I plugged in my stick I went out to the net to look for the drivers using the add new hardware wizard. The wizard downloaded the MS drivers and the stick checks out fine, in MAME i can check the use joystick option, but the stick doesnt work. In winkawaks the stick is detected, but i can’t map buttons and the axis is stuck in up/left position. I dusted off these progs from an old backup, so I know these things are out of date. Can someone post the official version that these sticks will work on?

Currently the Windows XP default drivers that get installed when you let the hardware get automatically detected will not allow the Hori DOA4 stick to work in MAME.

You have a couple of options to get it corrected however.

First - you can use the XBCD 360 drivers available on this site:

Be sure to check out the forums on how to get around the automatic Windows update that detects the hardware and updates your controller without you selecting a driver to install.

The second option is to use a joystick to keyboard binder. (This is the option that I use).

Pinnacle Game Profiler ( is a commercial product that does this extremely well, but personally I like free. (To be fair though, you can definitely try out Pinnacle Game Profiler before you buy it to make sure you like it).

And because I don’t want to pay for this, I decided to use a free program which I can’t recall the name of right now since I’m away from my MAME computer. Once I get home, I’ll get you all a link to it as well so you can see what I’ve been using.

Oh - and before I forget, if you go the route of the Pinnacle Game Profiler (and the other program I’ll post up tonight), be sure to disable the option for joystick support. You are going to want the MAME program think you are just using Keyboard inputs, since both PGP and the other program bind Joystick movements and button presses to keyboard inputs.

it’s a driver from microsoft. We downloaded 1 driver for his laptop which runs windows xp, however i can’t remember if we played neorage or mame. either way, hope this helps

Here’s the freeware alternative to Pinnacle Game Profiler, and the one I currently use to play with the DOA4 stick in mame:

Interesting. I’ll have to give that a shot. Looks like it’s easier for people to figure out than rbjoy is.