Using AE mains in xT and vice-versa


I’m curious to hear people’s opinions on this. How did everyone here whether your main game is AE or xT go about picking characters? For myself, I first picked Vega up in AE and now he’s also my best character in SFxT too, BUT any time I go back to AE it’s just a mess. So for me, I’m trying really hard to actually avoid my usual main character. Anyone else do this? Or do you guys not mind playing the same character in two games that visually look similar, but mechanically are nothing alike?


I wanted to play Cody x Paul. Since Cody was DLC, I just used a SF character that I could use effectively to not force myself to learn 2 new characters. Tried Guile initially and after trying Cammy and Sagat for a few matches, I just sticked with Guile. I dropped the game at some point, returned for 2 weeks when the DLC dropped to pick up Cody, but didn’t really liked him in this version. Now that I’m actively playing again, I stick with Guile x Paul and leave Cody alone. If he would have been available initially, I think I would still use him.<br><br>As for problems. Not with the characters themselves, more with the system. I tried to roll in AE when I played after multiple months of straight SFxT. On the other hand, I tried to focus at first after I switched from AE to SFxT back again. x)<br>


Never had that problem. When I used to play AE I mained Adon and T.Hawk. Both of them ain’t in the game so the translation wasn’t difficult. <br>


I use Ryu in every fighting game where he is available and there’s no problem here as well.  Actually, Ryu’s much more powerful here in SFxT compared to SFIV because of his Joudan Sokutou Geri move.  I used Juri in SFxT first before in AE, and Juri’s much faster and better in this game as well.<br>


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href=“”>AlexTwo</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>For myself, I first picked Vega up in AE and
now he’s also my best character in SFxT too, BUT any time I go back to
AE it’s just a mess. So for me, I’m trying really hard to actually avoid
my usual main character. Anyone else do this? Or do you guys not mind
playing the same character in two games that visually look similar, but
mechanically are nothing alike?</div>

You’re not the only one, a lot of players do this. Especially top players who want to remain competitive in both AE and SFxT.  <br><br>Some SF characters like Balrog and Sagat are too different from their AE counter parts. Like, they have the same animations and all but the frame data is different and sometimes the way they’re supposed to be played is also different.<br><br>Personally I don’t play much AE anymore so that’s not really why I stopped playing Juri. I don’t know tbh, I guess I just wanted to try new characters to explore.   I was at a point with Juri where I wasn’t finding anything really new or  interesting so I was getting a bit bored. I just didn’t feel like I was improving as a player, I was just improving as a Juri. Trying a new character like Asuka/Kuma and Christie reignited my motivation to explore the game and spend hours in the lab again.<br>


Balrog didn’t seem to translate well into SFxT and Dudley wasn’t available at the time for PC, so I picked up Steve, the only other boxer. <br>


Playing Gief in SFxT and AE did NOT work out for me, so I dropped him for Hawk.<div>But I don’t play AE anymore.</div>


Playing Cody in both games. Gotta say, he’s pretty similar in terms of playstyle, but just different combos, frame data, etc. It’s not too bad of a transition. I also subbed Dudley in SSF4 for a while and play him a good bit in XT.<div><br></div><div>I wish Evil Ryu were in this game. That would be sick. I can already see it - Axe Kick causes a ground bounce, he’ll have the Messatsu Go Shoryu as a Super - it would be epic. Devil Jin could be in alongside him. </div>


in terms of SF transition was interesting. When SFIV first came in I used Abel, swapped to Hawk, Hakan, Juri, Rose, and Gouken in Super. Only Juri and Abel made it over so it was an interesting transition. To be honest to prep for SFxT i used Juri in training mode of SFIV and just used her Ultra 1 combos, a bunch of the basic ABC combos from that carry over to SFxT except no ultra meter needed. Abel’s mixup game got nerfed from IV to SFxT in my opinion only because his step kick was nerfed and many more things were made punishable and slower (wheel kick for one). That being said Abel actually is much more combo heavy in this one and if he can get in on you he has some good damaging setups. I specifically love the combos that lead into EX shoulder charge into some fun damaging stuff from there.<div><br></div><div>For Tekken I always used Jun/Asuka, dabbled with Lili and a few others. Asuka surprisingly made a pretty good transition in terms of her movements although some were reversed. For example her Dragon Wheel Kick in Tekken is back 3 then 4 for the leg cutter follow up. In SFxT it is forward LK into forward HK for the cutter followup. (Did I just use the numbering format and LK/HK format in one sentence? eww) Lili is nothing like her Tekken counterpart however. I treated her like a brand new street fighter chacter. Same with Alisa. </div>


I used to main Cody in AE , while here i main a Cody/Nina or a Chun/Lars team . The Cody transition wasn’t too bad but the Chun-Li transition is very hard , from charge style to command style on top of the system changes is too much of a transition. Then i stopped playing AE because i really don’t like what the game has evolved into with it being a very knockdown , vortex heavy game.I just can’t find it as fun as it was in the early SF4 and SSF4 days . <div><br><br></div>


It was impossible! Luckily I didn’t need to stick to my AE mains since they were just a compromise. Not a single character that is THE ONE, ya know? But I gave 'em a try and it was just awful. Unable to do the most basic stuff. Unable to comprehend the changes. To give names; Akuma, Ibuki, Chun.

Now, since SFxT, Poison’s the obvious choice for whatever future SF, so if she’s in SF5, whenever that will be, I’ll be there and I’ll be struggling. A lot.


I was a Vega main in SF4 (since vanilla) and I play Vega/Hwo in SFxT. Don’t play SF4 anymore but honestly I think the best thing I can tell you is that you should probably avoid using cr. mk loosely in SFxT as you would in SF4. Avoid using FBA unless you’re looking for a safe/gimmicky switch cancel. Honestly…for me the biggest difference between AE and SFXT Vega is that in SFXT you can actually go on the offensive with him. Also, use cosmic heel a lot less…it’s good if you can max out the range every once in a while…but its not a great move like in SF4. Try to learn the range of standing MK in SFXT…its great for poking and leading to boost chains and generally safe switch cancels.

Another thing…his ultra 1 was booty butt cheeks in SF4…in SFxT it can be utilized as a legitimate anti-air (especially if it’ll land you the win against a jumpy opponent). Really you just gotta used to the key differences…but to be quite honest after playing SFxT Vega…if I ever did return to SF4…I’d probably pick another character…not because I can’t play him…but because he’s sooooooo much better in SFxT…you’ll realize that too eventually lol

edit: also forgot…I don’t know but personally I think that his KKK flip in SFxT is EXTREMELY useful for baiting out reversals or switch cancels…it can really reward you if you’re opponent takes the bait (and a lot of people do when they have meter). In SF4…I never felt like it was good…usually I ended up using it to avoid obvious chip damage but it was still risky and didn’t reward you well…in SFxT you can utilize it as an offensive mixup and punish hard.


I was a Rose main with Juri/Honda/Cammy as alts in AE (my Cammy and Honda are pretty bad though, not enough time into them beyond basics). When I transitioned to SFxT, it became extremely hard for me to switch mindsets, particularly for Juri - in AE I kept trying to roll on wakeup, or trying to juggle when I shouldn’t…

In the end I dropped Juri and Cammy in AE and focused on them in SFxT, while still playing Rose and Honda in AE.

Nowadays, I don’t really play AE much at all except randomly when its around locally. When I do, I play Rose though.


Rolling on wakeup is a killer for me, as well as Cross Canceling. Fortunately it only takes me a couple of matches to get back into the rhythm. Besides, I play Evil Ryu most of the time, so I don’t get the character confusion some people do except when I play Cody. Even then, it’s more like my XT Cody gets messed up by my SF4 Cody.


My main is cody in AE and i use law and kaz in sfxt. Using chars in 2 games kind of messes with my mind so i think im just gonna stick the the tekken cast for sfxt. Im just glad to have finally broken my habit of raw tagging when it though i could focus lol


Yes, I have the same problem. I main Juri in both games and try to play both games as often as possible and keep a good balance between the two. But is is as you say, even though I thought I reached a point were it didn’t matter that much any more. I even thought about dropping Juri for Alisa but haven’t commited to this and I’m not going to. I’m absolutely sure that when you play the same characters both games, it’s easier to play one game as the other. You will be more likely to mess up the basic mechanics like focus cancel and boostcombo’s.

Whenever I switch games I try to go through the differences in playstyle, I should write them down I guess. And switch up the games often.

@Roknin: lol, so familiar. Even the rolls, haha.


Going from SF4 Bison to SFxT Bison was only difficult to me because in vanilla his BnBs were almost the same minus certain cancelable moves were not possible and adjusting from 3f to 4f c.LK 1f links was kinda iffy in the beginning. BUT… luckily SFxT Bison has way more combo options and stuff so it’s not difficult now if you play both Bison’s.

I can play both Bison’s fine now because there are different useful buttons to use more often and they don’t clash for me.


Going from Tut Dudley to SFxT Dudley was hard.

In SF4 I had to tell myself things like “that’s not safe”, “no frame advantage” “block unblockables” ,but in SFxT it’s like “Just do it” “everything + on block” “never getting knocked down anyway or roll out obvious set ups”.

Imo This game overall is better than SF4, minus the gems. My character’s the same in imo, it’s just he’s been buffed with ground bounce. He’s had juggles with normals in 3S, nothing new there.

Oh and Target combos are a godsend in SFxT. s.LP>MP is +8 on hit +4 on block, in AE it was +4 on hit and around 0 on block. Other target combos were all - on block, and +3 on hit so combos scaled hard in AE.

The only thing I miss is stun. I still count stun sometimes. Especially when I get a jump in, I automatically go “200” in my mind.


I play Cody in both games and have no problem going back and forth


Maining Cody in SF4 allowed me to find/explore a lot of things in SFxT that a new player might not have thought to check. It also allowed me to see some of the major glaring weaknesses of the character in the system that a lot of people who don’t main him realize is there (the most notable being his walk speed and lack of far cancelable normals)