Using all 8 buttons in a tourney


i just wanted to get an official SRK stance on whether or not you can use 8 butons mapped to whatever you want in a tourney. has anyone seen a tourney run where you could only use 6 other than arcade tourneys obviously?

looking for a specific answer and not opinions on if you should or shouldnt be able to plz


I don’t see why anyone would have rules against it, but almost everyone I know disables the other buttons. I use 6 because I play at the arcade sometimes so I need to get used to it anyway.

edit: to clarify, I have never been in a tourney that banned binding 3P or 3K or anything like that. And I don’t really see why you would, those buttons are almost necessary for a pad player.


If you’re on a pad I’m sure they’ll allow it.


It varies. I know for a fact that macros are allowed at Season’s Beatings. Look at whatever tourney you’re interested in to get the facts you want…


nah its a stick. i dont want to set them to 3 punches or 3 kicks though. in my case having an extra hp allows me to 100% execute something that was previosuly definately not 100% for me. there is no sf4 arcade cabinet anywhere in my city and evo is on console so i dont care at all about the arcade version. I was hoping SRK released their official stance on it like i’ve seen them do with other things like seth not being banned etc. im at a point where i needto know if i have the green light to use this at the bigger tourneys especially evo, or ill just scrap the idea.

wow macros? fucking lame as lame can be… nope even lamer than that in fact. what were evo’s rules on it? and i didnt see it mentioned but please someone tell me macros were banned at evo


i never seen any tourney that had a rule against triple action buttons… like the 3K and 3P buttons on TE sticks… although most tournies do have rules against EO and shortcut buttons…


EO buttons? what are those? im assuming you are talking about macros in both instances?


He probably just means double buttons, not macros like… Instant hadouken or whatever.


Yeah, most people saying macros are referring to 3P or 3K buttons and things like that. Not like, prerecorded combos/inputs or something, I’m sure those would be illegal at any decent tourney.


hmm need to know for sure… EVO though guys, anyone know the rules they ran on it? cause then i could be all like, “fuck off, EVO which is THE tournament allows it” to anyone who tried to bitch about it.

my line of thought is the game gives you 8 buttons and lets both people set them to whatever. 2 hp’s shouldnt be an issue


Macros refer to any binding of more than 1 function. Thus the 3P and 3K are technically macros.

From the Season’s Beatings rules:

As someone else already said, macros that can’t be set in game are NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE.


gotcha. thanks for clarifying on that part. im gathering so far i should be able to set one of my extra buttons to a 2nd hp then. anyone know if it was allowed to do so at evo?


I dont really care whether tourneys allow it or not, I wouldnt “add” anymore buttons to the default setup because I should be able to execute the moves without them… or I would have an advantage/easier setup than the next man, especially on a stick.

I think you know in your heart of hearts what the right option is :wink: regardless of whether a tourney would allow it or not.


i feel the right option is to use it. its something anyone is able to do. the playing field is even. if a player wants to remove or disable the 2 buttons on his joystick to be better simulating the arcade then go for it. if i want to choose to actually use my buttons that my stick has because i dont give a shit about the arcade version, i should be able to because the game allows for me too(its not like turbo or something that does insta srk’s which circumvent the game mechanics). I am not circumventing anything…only using what the game allows. if it didnt have 8 configurable slots then i would be opposed. fact is it has 8 and not 6 anymore like the arcade(8 totally configurable slots that are NOT limited to just being set as 3p or 3k). the game is not sf4 arcade anymore. the version that matters is the one played at evo which is console. the arcade version should have nothing to do with the legality or illegality of things on the console version which is way different(we are basically playing sf4 2.0 and a lot of shit has changed!.. to people that look to the arcade version as a base of reference i would pose the simple fact that is if we are trying to be like the arcade version then ban pads. do the guy a favor and make him get a stick haha. fact is its not a macro of anykind and i see no reason why it un-evens the playing field since everyone can use it and the game was coded to allow it. they could have easily only let you have 6 buttons but they chose 8. ban RSF loops which is a fucking glitch and not game intent<—. ban pads cause its not like arcade. ban macros cause its hax. ban balrog cause he is a ball of gay, jk but he is homo :stuck_out_tongue: . I see no reason why what im talking about doing should be banned. it doesnt compute right to me. the obvious answer to me before i put much thought into it at all is that its legal. i just wanted a verification

thats my opinon. ok now opening this up for opinions and still would like a verification as to whether evo saw any reason in hell and banned this.


You could have maybe checked the evo website?


wow, hillarious because i did along time ago when i was making sure evo didnt allow stupid shit like turbo and programmable macros like insta srks. guess i didnt see that somehow. Thank you so much!!

so yeah. thats that and i have my greenlite. thanks guys. i appreciate it.


Why would you focus on using an extra button to make up for your bad execution? Get good at the fucking game. If you need an extra button to do the combos, you’ll never get too far with it. Don’t be a “disabled fighter” trust me I know.


My guess based on his name and icon is that he’s a Blanka player that wants 2 fierce punches so he can mash out fierce electricity. Just my guess though.


The “fucking game” is a console game with 8 programmable buttons to be set to whatever the fuck you want. not 6 set in stone like the arcade. i know what you are trying to say but it doesnt apply anymore. i most likely will never get to play this on arcade and honestly have no desire too since its outdated with limited roster.(and since evo and allot of other big time tourny’s are on console.

its for pianoing.

its just a matter of why piano and risk either A:ex version comes out cause you were a fraction of a second too fast or slow B: mp was the last one registered because you were a little off, or C you just fucked up and failed. i can slide from key to key and have it be 100%. i would rather slide then try to play a musical instrument out of my arcade stick. out of all the inputs in this game, pianoning i just find a retarded concept and any alternative legal means to do the same shit only easier is good. and other piano chars have their money inputs slidable without the need of an extra button except for maybe gen. i find it retarded that when i play chun or honda my method is gold but if i want to play my main my input becomes shit loads harder because of my character. i can still slide without the extra button but its not 1 fluid slide, its 2 which makes it a “might as well just piano then” situation because you have to be spot on.


FYI, Final Round (the biggest SE major) in past years disallowed any sort of button mapping that was not possible in the arcade version (except for Tekken/SC). This applies whether you had a pad or not. The guy who runs it is an arcade nazi, and many of us love the tourney for that reason (and many others).

I’m not sure what the stance will be this year with all the new SF4 peeps.