Using an arcade stick in tournament?


just wondering i just bought a te fight stick for xbox 360 and i havent played in any touneys yet but i was thinking these games are played on both systems so which system do they use in tourneys like will i need 2 sticks? i dont realy want to buy 2 sticks


There really isn’t a nationwide standard between 360 and PS3. For this reason, a lot of people who regularly compete in tournaments dual mod their sticks. Read the arcade stick sticky for more info.


dual mod FTW!


Depends on the tourney. Find out if its ps3 or 360. If you are serious about going to toureny you might want to dual mod you stick which you can get help on the trading outlet on srk.


I believe most small tourneys use the 360 and the major ones tend to go PS3 from what Ive observed.


dual mod- its really not that hard : )


Dual modding your TE is an option. JDM dual mods TEs he has a thread in the trading forum. You could also get a custom stick built and use the te as a practice and spare stick.