Using an IPAC2 for Xbox 360



I am planning to build a two player, podium style arcade controls for an xbox 360. Here is a picture i drew in Pro/E:

After doing some research I came across the IPAC 2 which supports two joysticks and has two usb ports. Is it possible to program this pcb to work with an xbox 360? I am not very good at electronics and soldering all the necessary connections on a madcatz controller sounds like a challenge.

Any helps appreciated. Thank you


Short answer: no. Nothing works with the Xbox 360 without being officially licensed by Microsoft because of the encryption they use on their USB ports.

You MIGHT be able to get an I-PAC to work on a PS3 by buying the PS/2 version, the Sony PSTwo converter box and two Pelican PS2->PS3 converters…but if you want a PS3, you’d be better off buying a Cthulu board and wiring a stick with that.