Using an octagonal gate with Kowal Actuator and 2lb spring

I was wondering the uses of using an 8-way gate for Tekken and anime fighters. I installed the 2lb spring because of the
shorter throw for returning to neutral. Tried using it for the square gate, but I can’t seem to get my cardinal directions like
I want to, whenever I do a reverse wavedash for Backdash Canceling on the 1p side. Plus with anime fighters like Dengeki
and Chaos Code, I want to be able to consistently use quarter-circle and half circle motions. Any suggestions and input
is appreciated, thanks.

With an oversized actuator (or any joystick that has a tight engage zone) you have to be more precise with your movements to avoid diagonals.

Okay, so I can’t ride the gate too much then. Would removing the actuator/or 2lb spring make it easier or same difference? I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s a good idea to have a bigger actuator for backdash canceling and quarter-circle moves. Thanks for the reply

It’s not really about riding the gate or not, it’s about how straight you’re pushing the lever in a cardinal direction. If you put the stock actuator back in, your engage distance will be further from neutral, which will require less precision. Personally, I very much prefer a short engage- I’d recommend just sticking with it for a while to see if you adjust before going back to stock.

I see, appreciate the tip! Thanks again!

Hey, sorry to beat a dead horse here but I have moar questions: I am loving the bigger actuator with the octo gate, but I feel I’m not
quite ready to use a stiffer spring. I’m thinking of going to stock spring to still ease myself into going 2lb later, would that
hamper performances on backdash canceling on Tekken or using half-circles on anime fighters? I’m thinking of switching to circle gate
since I have a bigger actuator to work with, too. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I have the same setup as you have. The 2lbs spring just make return to neutral faster, it doesn’t affect the throw at all. It’s more preferential than anything here.

Okay, then I should just practice on just using the setup without the 2lb spring and go from there. I felt like I
was struggling lol maybe I just needed practice…thanks a lot!

I do tend to prefer the lower tension spring too, but the faster return to neutral is nice. It’s a struggle but it’s beneficial in the long run I think (at least if you use neutral a lot)
I’m moving to a Korean stick next :lol:

It’s just that I’m practicing backdash canceling a lot with Tekken (Primary reason why I even have a 2lb spring honestly), but for everything else I just wanted it the octo gate and bigger actuator for my 2D fighters. But like you said, the spring is really just preference than anything else.

think of the 2lb spring as training wheels…get used too it so when you decide to take it out its like your hand inputs the moves faster

atleast in my experience