Using and Abusing Dan on the PC

Since the PC release of SFIV, I’ve finally gotten a chance to put my years of emulators and unforgiving PC fighting ports to work (Here’s looking at you, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload). With the input shortcut system they’ve included in the game, I’ve found new ways of utilizing my four arrow keys (or WASD for you non-Southpaws) that make playing and executing moves seem like total haxxorz.

Playing with a keyboard requires a good understanding of digital inputs. You’re not using a stick. You press left and you get absolute left. You press down and right at the same time and you get absolutely down and right, every time. There’s no middle ground. That’s one of the advantages. You’d have to suck completely or have giant Sasquatch hands to bungle something like Bison or Blanka’s Ultra (Unless you suck at holding charge for the proper amount of time).

Things like Hadoukens are less like rotations and more like drumming your fingers in a wave motion. You’ve got four direction keys mapped to three fingers. So you’ll be damned if you’re not using them all in unison. Once you get a handle on it, you may be more understanding of those elitist stick users that say pad users are “All thumbs” :lol:

In this thread, I’ll try to sum up and detail the advantages of playing with a board instead of a pad (or even a stick). Hopefully I’ll seem like less of an eccentric due to the influx of keyboard users on the PC version.

Now on to the Good Stuff™:

In an effort to simplify keyboard control notations for this post, I’m listing them with what fingers should be depressing keys, as opposed to stick position (EDIT:: I already see some problems with it, I’ll see if I can clean it up and simplify later):

(From 1P side, using arrow keys, mix up for WASD)

1 = Back/Left depressed. Pointer finger.
2 = Down depressed. Middle finger.
3 = Forward/Right depressed. Ring finger.
Any combination of numbers = All listed direction depressed at the same time.

P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
PPP = Duh
KKK = Double Duh

Koryuken has never been easier to time correctly. No longer do you have to input forward, down, down/forward. You don’t even have to leave crouch block for more than two frames.

Standing Koryuken with Minimal Input
3, 23, 3+P**

Note: This is the easiest way to perform a DP motion on the keyboard. Hold forward, tap down once, then hit the punch button. Fast and easy, use this if you want DP to come out as fast as possible is a combo.

A FP > Koryuken would be:

3+P, 23, 3+P

Simply make sure you’re holding forward, tap punch, tap down and tap punch again.

Crouch Block Koryuken!

12, 123, 12, 123+P

Note: My favourite. Holding down and back at the same and tapping forward twice nets you a crouching Koryuken, you only leave crouch block for the frames that forward is depressed. Can act as a pseudo option select in certain situations. It does take four inputs to get the DP motion buffered, but you can literally just sit there doing it with little effort. This is the best way to get a crouching koryuken, as 2, 23, 2, 23+P doesn’t net you crouching block frames for just as many input motions.

If an opponent throws out anything while you’re buffering this, it’s as easy as releasing forward to block or hitting any punch to punish. Great for punishing any kind of Tatsumakis from any character.

If you watch a replay of yourself doing this, you’ll see a lot of :db::df::db::df::db::df::db::df::db::df: on the input list. :rofl:

Pianoing Ultra

The dirtiest of techniques that would get you demolished in any other game. Ultras (Countering Ultras with your own especially) are laughable to do with almost nary a chance for error.

2, 23, 3 [Repeat at least twice] + PPP

Note: It’s simply rolling Gadouken motions. Let it be known that you only have to get to 23 of the second repetition before the Ultra will come out with PPP, otherwise you’ll get a EX Koryuken or an EX Gadouken. If you’re opponent is using Ultra or Super, simply repeat 2, 23, 3 in succession while mashing PPP to get an Ultra on the first available frame with no need for proper timing.

Doing the Super is two full Gadouken motions.

Empty FADCs

These are stupid easy to do with a keyboard. Hit your Focus Attack binding or MK and MP together then tap twice in any direction. It’s fast, it’s easy on the hands, and because of that, you should definitely work it into your game. I’ve baited Ultras, Supers, DPs, the whole shebang. This is another one of the high points of keyboard use.

Binding FA to a Thumb or Pinky Accessible Button

This helps immensely. If you’re using your keypad for inputs, bind it to 0. If you’re using the the ASDF/ZXCV setup like myself, Spacebar and Shift are awesome. I still use MP and MK for my regular focus attacks, but use a binding for FADCing moves. It’s faster and more accurate, but takes some getting used to.


Awesome. Do it a lot. Wow your friends and opponents with your crazy ability to tap left or right twice. Watch your pad using pals sadden as your fingers fly while their thumbs ache. Dan’s blistering speed will definitely throw off your opponents. Especially air-fireballin’ Akumas or Fuertes who are used to throwing mixups at slow-as-molasses opponents (Your backdash matches Habanero. Messes them RIGHT up.)

Standing MP > Gadouken > Legendary Taunt > Ultra

s.MP > 2, 23, 3+P > 2, 23, 3+HK+HP > Piano the shit outta Ultra motions + PPP

Note: This can take some practice, as it all comes out in one fluid motion (Minus the Ultra :rofl:) There’s no room for error here, as you need two full Gadouken motions to get the Legendary Taunt. You can switch the the standing MP for the usual fare, or do it all off of a FA crumple.

My favourite technique is to get someone down to low life and try to kill them with Gadouken so the Legendary Taunt cancels for the Lulzy finish, keeping the Ultra ready in case it doesn’t quite kill them. With practice, you can own people with either one or the other… may not work on actually decent opponents.

In Conclusion

If you can master it, keyboard definitely gives you some awesome benefits over a gamepad. The only big drawback is you may develop Carpel Tunnel and Tendinitis if you play for seven hours straight everyday.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

I can see how with practice the keyboard can be just as viable as a stick. As far as button pushing theres really no difference with the stick and keyboard. like with anything once you learn how to execute your dpad motions on the keyboard I cant see anything that would hinder it

Me being primarily a pc gamer (despite having sf4 for ps3) I was like that fateful day when my joystick broke and I had to use the mouse and keyboard for duke nukem 3d. It felt weird at first, but I would never again dream of using a pad for a first person shooter. It amazes me to this day, I will peruse the COD forums or whatever shooter im into at the time, and you see the console vs PC war then the inevitable pad vs mouse and keyboard. You cant even compare the two, which is how some feel about stick vs pad. I actually agree with them, despite still using a pad myself, I cant do kens hard trial 5 soley because I use a pad. I cannot do his ex air tatsu quick enough off the jump to juggle after the hp srk fadc(with a stick you dont have to be as deliberate in your jump motion and can perform the tatsu with the flick of the wrist directly after the jump). Ive said before if I played a more complex character as a main, would probably be using a stick. But with practice, i think a keyboard can be just as good as the stick.

True Deathwolf is an inspiration to PC Dans everywhere - a G1 dedicated Dan player who makes it quite clear that his arse is to be self-slapped and the opponent’s is to be beaten. I have a few replays of his saved.

I’m a partial Dan player personally although I’m scared stiff of actually playing versus real people because I am paranoid about absolutly sucking and having like 0 BP in G3…

The keyboard is genuinely great for new players, provided you don’t play Gief, Guile or Vega.

I wonder if you could just press U, D, L, R at the same time, for spd, lol.

SPDs are easy, Ultra takes practice. Either way, maining Gief on the keyboard will break your arm.

Guile and Vega are completely usable due to their keyboard input shortcuts for Ultra. They’re far crazier than anything Dan has.

Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to use keyboard for Mugen and Alpha 3 until I got my Hori EX2 and the right drivers. QCF/QCB wouldn’t be all that consistant but was mostly there. Super motions were a huge pain and I couldn’t do anything that needed to finish on an Up diagonal like one of Karin’s moves D DF F UF :frowning: