Using Blanka as a 2nd or 3rd instead of main

Hey what’s up everybody,

I’ve been reading the forums for awhile and I finally decided to sign up a few days ago. I’ve been reading in a few of the threads of blanka players slowly using him as a back up instead of a main. I just wanted to get everybody’s feelings about this subject and who you all are swapping in as your main. It sucks to have to pretty much start over and learn a new character, but with the competition level rising and players getting used to blanka it seems like we blanka players really have no choice, but to switch characters. I’ve been going back and forth between fei long and akuma. Not many people in Hawaii use fei long so I’m leaning more towards him instead of akuma since people in Hawaii are pretty much shoto crazy.

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Its’ quite sad, I agree. I felt I was actually progressing in my play and it was a slap in the face to learn that he isn’t really a viable character.

However, looking at Sanford at EVO I still think that I can play as Blanka for the time being.