Using c.HP properly



Now I wish I could make a comprehensive thread about how to use it properly but I’m actually here asking how to use it. I recently fell in love with the move after not using a whole lot. I’ve begun buffering a DP motion everytime I use it and looking for the counter-hit, but I think I’ve begun overusing it. I really believe it is something that should be worked into high-level Sagat play, but I do believe it’s use requires a bit of skill.

I think I’m always fishing for the counter-hit (does over 300 damage if you get the TU off of it) but I find it is still hard to use. Any suggestions on how the use c.HP are helpful. I’ll try to post some of the situations I like soon as well.


Usually using this in my block strings after something that gives me positive frames on block, such as after a or far lp, then into knee.

#3, c.hp

cvs2 style


Use c.hp or s.hp to stuff moves. That’s about it. c.hp stuffs 100 percent of rose normals free. s.hp stuffs akuma’s standing round house double kick for free as well. His arms are just long as shit and have a huge hit box, outside of stuffing I don’t use it.


I wouldn’t recommend spamming this move, or using it in block strings. It has slow recovery if you miss (eats counter pokes and fast specials/supers) as well as having slow start up (DP reversal bait in block strings).

That being said I DO find it useful for punishing other normals as it has excellent range and damage. As for s. fierce i would advise just using s roundhouse as it’s much more effective with just as much if not more range!