Using CPU in Training Mode For Zoning Practice


Do you think thats a good idea? Mainly for reflex training with the CPU controlling the dummy.


Not particularly. You could practice anti-airing the computer, but the crucial ingredients of zoning: spacing, pokes, and anticipating a thinking opponent are things you can only learn effectively from playing against people.


The order for practicing anything, first training room, then vs cpu to practice vs moving target, then vs real people to apply what you learned and learn further


I can’t agree with that, because AI opponents don’t behave like people do. It’s a classic mistake of trying to apply things you’ve learned that work against the computer to people. That’s why people do things like wake-up ultras (or ultras on YOUR wake up!) because they worked on the computer.

The only thing that those steps would apply to would be combos, since it’s muscle memory. Therefore, practicing against the computer would help you with confirming into the combos and reacting to your successful hit confirm. Successful zoning is a different beast, and requires you to know not just your character, but your opponent’s character, good spacing, and what people tend to do in reaction to your strategy.


Yeah I see your point, in Super Turbo the cpu Boxer wouldnt do buffalo head butt a lot to get through fireballs like a good player would do.

Ibuki in training mode of 3rd Strike is a good cpu to practice dragon punches against.


It dose not matter if the AI acts different than people, the AI acts, and you are training yourself to move against a moving target. You get used to throwing stuff at a moving target. Once the AE is no longer a challenge, then you take on real people and learn how to throw stuff at them.


Well why even bother to learn a skill (learning how to zone vs a computer) that isn’t even relevant to the what the person wants (learning to zone vs people). He might as well just skip to playing against people. Sure, he’ll take plenty of losses, but if he takes away what he did wrong and what he did right from each one then he’ll improve.

It’s simple. If you want to get good at playing against people, then you have to play against people.


I cant play against people much. So, when Im training and doing other stuff, I figured I do this too since its pretty fun to play keep away from the cpu.


Second AirLancer. To get good it requires playing against people a fairly crappy online connection is better then the AI.

Practice anti-airing and not whiffing against the CPU. Get a feel for how back walking and forward walking works in footsies and find points where you can force whiffs by walking back after a move rather then sitting there crouch blocking. Thing is the CPU doesn’t ‘react’ it KNOWS when you do stuff as it can literally react on frame 1 of your moves startup. Humans can’t. Zoning as an entire concept is based on the fact people can’t react instantaneously. If they could people would just jump fireballs all day long and mixup wouldn’t work. The cpu AI is dumb also so that doesn’t help.

Cpu can be useful, but for the most part it is just finding what works in training mode then remembering to actually use it and to setup it up in a real match that is important. If you can’t do online do training mode, imo.


if you’re going to practice zoning vs CPU try hardest level balrog, he throws out st.hp and like his fight money at a strip club. i don’t really recommend it but it’s fun and you can learn a bit about counter poking