Using Cthulhu Multiconsole Edition stick on Dreamcast

Hi all!

I have a custom stick I use for Fightcade on my PC that uses a Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB along with a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through, if that matters any. Problem is, I recently got a copy of GGX for my Dreamcast, and I was hoping to play it with my stick, but I don’t want to completely rebuild the thing from scratch or buy a whole 'nother DC stick.

What would I have to buy to get my stick working on my Dreamcast?

Your PCB supports Dreamcast, but your wiring most likely doesn’t.

  1. Replace your Neutrik USB pass-through with a Neutrik or Switchcraft RJ-45 pass-through.
  2. Rewire the internals of your stick; your MC Cthulhu most likely uses the USB out at the moment, you’ll need to solder in the RJ-45 lines, and connect it to your pass-through internally
  3. Get/make an RJ-45 to Dreamcast cable
  4. Plug and enjoy

You’ll have to solder a little bit… a RJ45 cable to de Cthulhu…

Connect the other end to your Neutrik/SwitchCraft RJ45 Jack (which you should install correctly to your stick… if it’s a wooden, please use SwitchCraft).

Then buy And you’re done!


Would it be possible to crimp a Dreamcast cable to a USB B cable? I’m kind of short on money right now.


Dreamcast needs 5 pins and USB only provide for 4.

If you are that short on funds, solder the Dreamcast cable directly to the PCB.

Alright, so where would I solder them?

Look here