Using dive kick



Hey…i gotta few questions using dive quick…

actually…i dont really have questions…im just wondering how to use it better…

so far its like

short dive …u can land in front…pull out a throw…

haha and thats it…

im just guessing but a big part of yang and yun is using there dive kicks to max potential…

think anyone can list out the best way to use it…

one thing i really wanna learn is how to do that crossover thing…making the dive kick hit the guyz back…is it impossible for the opponent to block anything afterwards?

i dunno a lot about yang…sorry to say im a ken user…
i know ken when j.forward crossover thing is not unblockable…
but i was playing a yun…and couldent seem to block his attacks after he dived kick and hit my back…

and sorry if my street fighter terminology sucks…i rarely post on forums…i just play lots…


If Yun / Yang hits meaty divekick as cross-over and low enough he gets guaranteed stuff. Just like Ken get guaranteed stuff from almost all cross over’s.

It’s not about being unblockable. It’s about being guaranteed.


short-from far distances sometimes you’ll see Yang users just jump in and use this strength to fake but you have to mix it up and not become predictable. And like you said it’s good to get grabs off after and command throws

forward-I rarely use this one. Yangs dive kicks ARE NOT used to hit for the hell of hitting because you will get punished after

roundhouse-Cross over basically. Try aming for the top of the opponents head then pressing df.HP and you will crossover.

Mainly just don’t get predictable by doing the same strength over and over. And don’t do the dive kicks at the peak of your jump, wait to come down alittle, and mix it up or else you’ll get parried


Don’t overuse the divekick as if you hit it with them too high, it’s a free throw for them even if they block (if not worse).


thanks for the replies…

makes sense…

and now i know why my dive sucks…cuz i use it too high…and i use forward all the time…i naturally use forward cuz i do it with ken…-_-

does anybody know which normal jumping attack to do…

i use dive kicks…and when im just jumping attack i use roundhouse…

but from watching vids…i think i see guyz using…medium punch?

haha sorry if the questions i ask are pointless…cuz yang isnt all about jumping…


Forward kick is a good jump-in, roundhouse is better suited for air-to-air. And short reaches out nice and far and is quick.

I’m not sure how good his jumping punches are.


roundhouse I believe can also be combo’d if hit low enough on a standing opponent. Something I’ve been doing is jump straight up and you have to time it perfectly and on your descent, do j.hp land hp. It combos from what ive been doing but dunno how practical it is. Also on a deep hittin dive kick you can combo. My T5 stick is loose and I did a dive kick and then went for something but a SA2 came out instead and it comboed but after actually trying it, it’s pretty hard to connect


Heres how I make crossover dive kick setups

  1. When opponent is down - jump over him and “after” you pass him in the air, do dive kick towards the opponent(reverse way of your jumping)

This one is very handy that it could be a cross-over or not depedning on the timing of your dive kick.

  1. Far Standing Short(blocked) - Standing high jump - Roundhouse dive kick

  2. Close Standing forward(blocked) - Cancel into high jump forward - dive kick toward opponent when you pass him/her.

  3. Crouching short(blocked) - Standing Fierce 1 hit(blocked) - cancel into short teleport - jump over and dive kick towards opponent or standing high jump into forward divekick.

  4. Universal Overhead(Hit) - Normal standing jump - Roundhouse divekick

  5. Short Divekick(blocked) - Standing high jump - Roundhouse divekick

  6. Standing jap(Hit in air) - normal jump forward - forward divekick

etc etc

there are bunch of useful crossover setups.

All of the setups listed must take into account the size of opponent’s character and if he/she is crouching or standing. And also the “Timing” of those divekicks.

Always keep this in your mind, “NEVER DIVE TOO DEEP” or else u’ll eat a free throw.

For air-to-air,
use short when you guys are both jumping towards each other
use standing normal jump roundhouse if opponent is jumping towards you(kinda anti-air)
use back jump strong when opponent high jumped toward you from somewhat close distance
use forward-forward divekick chain when you jumped faster toward your opponent(when you are higher in the air)

hope it helped a bit