Using divekicks to maximum efficiency

I have just begun trying to learn the Twins and I know that divekicks are a major part of their game. I just do not know how to use them. How do you overwhelm your opponent with them? What strategies should you use, which kick do you pick for certain situations?

Well you should always try to land in front of the enemy instead of on top of them. From here you can:

kara grab



sp-mantis slash

Dive kicks have good priority, they can stuff a lot of things, but they can leave u really open if u don’t know what your doing.

Things not to do:

Never ever, try to land at the opponents head! You’ll hit your enemy, but he might have a chance to recover from the attack and wup your ass.

Dive kicks can penetrate defenses like knives through butter, but they’re also parrying bait! Again try to land in front of them.

In the corner it’s usually good to use the mk or rk to cross-up, duh! Use them while the opponent is starting to get up and you can really screw around.

That’s about it for theory.

Awesome, that’s exactly the explanation I needed, thanks.

don t corner cross divekick unless you have a plan to put them back in the corner, tax that ass.

If the divekick connects you should substitute that kick chain for LK, EX Mantis Slashes instead. You get a whole lot more damage and stun than the weak ass kicks.

u can corner cross then do the command grab.

thanks locoghoul for clarifying, cause i m positive he didn t understand what putting them back in the corner meant

And you also switch from a normal airkick to a divekick too? After it connects, that is?

You can do the airchain mk, It’s pretty good and offers interesting situations. I’m not sure if you can actually make both attacks hit an opponent in the air, but it’s a sure thing against a grounded opponent.

the mk comes out decently, it ain’t that great, but the gives Yang a couple of options.

If an opponent is standing and you mk, down mk, u can kara or do hcb+k and, ex mantis them. or whatever.