Using Earth Shout Super



Any practical use for this super? Im not sure if i named it right…its the one that from d/f or d/b and he completely becomes engulfed in elctricty… any uses for this?


It’s a reversal super that’s almost entirely invincible at level 1 and does an assload of damage. I forgot how safe it is, tho.


it’s invincible for 8 frames at level 1, 14 at level 2, and 22 at level 3. you’re at -53 if it’s blocked, so MAKE SURE IT’LL HIT. unless you like to die…

and if mashed properly, it’ll do 3200, 4400, and 6400 damage, respectively from levels 1-3.



The only time I’ve seen it used is as a wake-up. I think I saw it on those new Japanese tourney vids that came out not too long ago.


I’ve seen Sanford use it a few times at CTF. I see this super as an anti air super, but then again Blanka has the Ground Shave super to use also (I play K groove so all I get are Level 3s) Maybe at level 1 you can use it for anti air (A groove) or you can probably do a Nice cancel off it when its level 2, Just make sure you dont mash too much because electricty might come out.


I still think that’s the best way to use it…but I don’t
I saw it only once and it was from a sweep in the corner…tham it hurt.


Heh… this super at level 2 is USELESS. Think about it… it’s a mashable super. Any punch button you mash 5 times you cancel into electricity.
If you hit any two kick buttons at the same time… you get jungle hop.

So the only thing you can mash is ONE kick button at a time. Not that effective, trust me.


Alternate between two punches, its the best way to maximize in those mashign supers.


just do 360’s and forget about button presses.


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