Using "grab" instead of Down for quick wake-up

i was wondering if any guiles use the grab buttons to do a quick wake up so they can keep a charge instead of losing it when they tap down, and if it helps any. Im sure it has some advantages but im wonderng if i should change my habits just for this.

Didn’t even know that was possible O.O

i press all three punches, i think you can press any two buttons simultaneously to perform a quick rise

really? cool. someone told me grab so thats how i learned. does it help you out?

Back when SF4 was first released, a socal player Maximillian had this one technique with Ryu where he would combo to a RH hurricane to knock you down and wait for you to do the fast wake up. Right as you would wake up he would throw you. He got me with this like 3x in one match. Ever since that match I started using jab+short to do the fast wake ups. That way you are ready to tech any throw attempt.

I press lp and mp simutaneously

I use lp and lk to quick wake up. It helps so you can anti air someone with a flash kick.

I’m sure you all know this, but it’s best to not quick rise every time. If you let your character get up slowly it’ll often mess up your opponents traps. (miss time meaty projectiles, jump too early, etc). mix it up!

Wow there is so much i still need to learn about this game. I didn’t even know there was a quick wake up.

i started using this and it is nice to have a charge ready after waking up quickly. Ive gotten people in flash kicks after they try jumping in to attack. or ill wake up quick and sonic boom and make em block so i can gain in on them. though it is more useful with chracters like Bison and Balrog. My friend wakes up and ultras people with bison all the time now. I think this might be useful for guile when zangief is crossing you up all day. havent played enough giefs to tell though.

Especially against inexperienced Zangiefs. A month or two ago, my friend (who’s picking up Zangief) would always cross me up after I did a quick get up, but when I got up slow, he’d mess up his quick get up timing. Now, either way he’ll cross me up, but it helped back then and it might work again in a clutch situation.

Also, he has pretty sick set up for a crumple. EX Green hand, FADC backwards, level 3 focus. Usually everyone does a quick get up after they get hit by a green hand, and if you’re like me, the first time I saw it, I still had a hard time processing WTF was going on when he first did that gimmick and he caught me with it.

If somebody scores a knockdown on you, and they immediately try to jump in while you’re down (who knows why maybe just to get in better range), you can “grab” to get up, all while holding your charge and quickly AA flash kick. Seems kinda worth it. I’m sure there’s better situations though.

I do this all the time now. But sometimes I do normal wakeup to stuff their jump-in timing.