Using Gym Chalk to combat sweaty hands


Hi all,

I’ve been using gym chalk to help with my sweaty hand syndrome I get when playing against another player. I play on both a Madcatz Te2+ with a Hayabusa joystick and a Hori VLX Premium Hayabusa joystick. Is there any precautions I should take to prevent any damage(if there would even be any) to the joysticks at all. I noticed sometimes that some flecks get on the face of the case which I promptly wipe off. Is this a bad idea? Let me know what you think. Later!

Can't get rid of sweaty hands. Any advice?

I have no idea but I think this is a really good idea


if it works it works


Gym chalk is ultra ultra fine, as long as its not falling down inside the actual case i cant see any problems.


That’s going to cake up your shit. I’d advise against it. Use a glove.


And your Arcade stick too.


keep a handkerchief / mini towel in your arcade stick bag, to wipe both your sweaty hands and the body grime that accumulates on your stick


Hi Speaking from someone who has had hyperhydrosis and had surgery to fix it.

Use both gloves and a towel, you can also use antiperspirant, use the ones without scent

best of luck


… Also use magnesium spray,


i remember seeing a guy use nitrile gloves at WNF. the problem with gym chalk and powders is that with enough moisture they will join into a paste which could get caught in the plungers causing your buttons to stick. it wouldn’t permanently damage the buttons since you can just clean the gunk out but its still pretty gross.

building up some callouses on your hands with workouts or carpentry could reduce the amount of sweat your hands produce.


Thanks for your input. I think I’ll keep using the chalk. It doesn’t cake up… that’s the point… that’s why basketball players use it and body builders.


It might not cake up on your hands, it will eventually cake up inside of your stick, inside the buttons and even the joystick.

bman83 has the right idea with magnesium spray and/or unscented antiperspirant.
Keeping a towel or something similar around isn’t a had idea ether even if someone does not have sweaty hands.


I knew it was only a matter of time before E-athletes would start to adapt the tools of real athletes. What’s next, replacing the joystick handle with a dumbbell? have the whole arcade stick modded into a treadmill? The lines are starting to blur…


Almost like a lot of e-athletes will start to take performance enhancing drugs soon oh wait… B)


They already do, soon if it gets bad enough tourneys start doing drug testing


How well has the chalk been so far? I used drysol and gamergrip without success. I wonder if anyone has tried some of those “gamer gloves”


The issue isn’t it caking up in your hands. The issue is the chalk getting in places where it shouldn’t go, such as into the pivot of the arcade stick and inside the buttons.


I thought of doing this as well but never tried due to the same logic, will mess up the stick over time.

The possibly of liquid chalk is there possibly, I’ve never used it. But my friends that have, say it’s very similar to normal gymnast chalk except it stays on your hands the entire duration (of the workout, in this case playing) and doesn’t make a mess since it just dries on your hands.

Possibly worth a shot?


I think bman83 came up with the best solution.


I think the best solution is to relax and play the game.

Your hands are sweating because you’re putting yourself under pressure when playing against others. Do not be afraid to take a loss, its part of the learning process.

BTW when I say relax and play the game I do not mean jerk off before a match, just play as if you were just fooling around in training mode.