Using hulks super armor effectively?



Im writing this thread just to simply ask what are the best ways to use hulks super armor, whenever i try using it for trading hits with the lk or s.lp i can never get it to beat out other normals or the move is simply slowed down to much by the armor itself and it loses to the other persons combos. Im just wondering if its better used for offense or for trading hits to keep someone out.:confused:


there are definately reset situations where super armor is a big bonus. often a given reset will have 1 or more ways to escape and often enough pocking out a quick attack that knocks your opp out of a position (aka mashing during a reset instead of blocking it clean)… well obviously hulk will just smile and start his new combo while he gets jabbed.

you have to think about the situation… what will the opp have time to stick out… if it’s not a fierce or multiple other attacks it wont stop you…

beyond that i’d say don’t count on it… but there are passive benefits aplenty that you don’t have to try all that hard to do…

it’s a huuuuuuge benefit when fighting magnus or other fast rushdown. you basically get an extra moment to get your block right. also certain resets simply wont work on hulk b/c they rely on something hitting you in a situation where your armor just absorbs it and therefore you don’t get setup for their next hit.

you can also use it to get gamma crush off in certain situations… for instance iceman doing icebeam to hulk… hulk can just fire up gamma crush intentionally letting the icebeam hit him in the face and it wont stop him form executing. just for example. there are many.


wow didnt even think of the benefits for the resets that wont work, basically just poke through any non armor breaking attack with the jab, lk, or the gamma charge and you should be good, otherwise its just the basic stuff. thats not too hard to do, im sure its a bit more complex then that for some cases but thats situational at best, thank you.