Using Ken-Ratio 1 in N-Groove



Yeah,Id like some combos, ive just switched over to N-Groove from A-Groove because of the supers and you can run:p

So yeah,any help would be much appreciated.


read the bnb combo threads… most of the combos are groove universal(except the lvl2 canceling ones)

thats the best advice anyone could give. gl


I honestly think run hurts Ken more than it helps. His dash is pretty uber anyways.



I use n ken i use the run to rush then i usually cancel it into a roll if i see that they try something another after the roll ill try to punishi with a jab dp or fireball. After landing a dragon punch is the perfect time to activate the gauge for a level three then use kens jab short b and b and set up level 3 shinryuken. Also dont forget to utilize low j. mk get