Using Laminate Flooring as a top to a case?

I have been doing all the flooring in my house with just my Dad and I (long,hard, and boring) and have a crap ton of flooring left over.

It is the old laminate flooring that glues together.

How would I go about putting it on top? Should I use it like I would acrylic and make a little slot for it? Obviously it is durable enough to be used as a top.

A problem I foresee though is that it might crack or snap when I am trying to drill it. Especially at the joint since I need more than 1 piece.

Anyone have any tips or used this before?

Prolly just MDF.

Plus it’s a light blue laminate so it looks different.

That stuff is kind of easy to crack and splinter when you cut it, but it’s not impossible. It should work, as long as you can manage to get the holes in there. The stuff is definately strong.

My question is what fucking room in your house needs blue flooring.

The whole downstairs -_-…

pics please!