Using Macros for single player use only

Hello, I love fighting games…but thing is…I play on pc and i have an xbox one control to play, thing is… I feel, I dont know if is because im over 30…that i just can’t play them, can’t combo, can’t use specials, nothing, I’ve heard about macros just recently, but I have no idea what software i can use for this or how to start, before the bullying start, I only play singleplayer, story mode and vs AI, i dont like online playing, so is just for me, can you please recommend some software to create macros? and tell me where can i find decent tutorials on how to use that software?

U can get a cronus max or the new cronus zen. Theres a huge forum “cronusmax forums” where u can use scripts or gamepacks to perform combos on your controller and or fightstick. They have a pretty sophisticated setup where using macros for combos can identify what sides your on and tie in a bunch of different string combos. It can do everything u need. It’s a product that doesn’t get much love because of the macros here but I personally love the product. I was a global admin/ gamepack developer for that company. U dont have to know how to write your own scripts because their is a huge community on forums and discord where a Abundant library of scripts are made by users and staff on just about any game out on the market. The tool also is a cross platform tool. Right off the bat u can use your controller or fightstick on any consoles from xbox360 era up to present and that includes ps5 and series X. U can go check out cronusmax forums for yourself. That’s the device u want. Its not just for cheating. It’s a aid in soooooo many areas.

Probably that one time I would agree about the Chronus.