Using Mame with Se stick?

I have tired all 3 joystick settings, ls,dp, rs. The buttons do respond in mame but the joystick does not respond at all.

I can get the joy to work with Jnes but not for mame. Am I missing something?

Are you using the 360 or the PS3 SE stick??

There’s some issues with these sticks on some PCs. Check this thread

I am using the 360 version. The drivers installed automatically though.

Some versions of Mame work with them, some don’t. The ones that don’t won’t work with the regular 360 controller either, so it’s probably just an older version.

I can confirm that Mame Plus works fine with the SE (360). So does GGPO (Final Burn Alpha) and Kawaks.

Zsnes refuses to work with the SE in all versions. While Snes9x picks it up cleanly.

I am using mame 32. Is mame plus a gui?

my mame plus is gui … so yes it should be