Using moon phases to read the weather

It’s bullshit. I know it. You know it, assuming you have an IQ in the double digits.

My family, however, is of the backwater Portuguese immigrant variety, and despite not being able to put forward a single shred of evidence proving it, they believe in using the moon phases to read the weather.

Sick of this nonsense. So I’m making a spreadsheet to show just how bullshit it is, one I plan to update for a good few months. It has the following columns:

Weather Network forecast from the day before
Nonsense ?moon reading? prediction
Actual weather
Discrepancy between actual and yesterday’s forecast
Discrepancy between actual and ?moon reading? nonsense
Moon phase

Man, Moon Phase was a shitty, shitty anime. No surprise: 98% of anime is tripe.

Back on topic: I’ve been getting the gist of how the moon reading bullshit goes from a few family members, but they all tell a different story. I was hoping someone on SRK could confirm the “theory.” From what I understand, whatever the weather is during the new moon is what it will be until the next new moon. Clarification?

I’m using yesterday’s forecast (more accurately, tomorrow’s forecast) to show that modern meteorology is rather accurate for next day weather, as opposed to moon reading nonsense which will occasionally fluke a total month of the same weather but will get proven bullshit over time.

Dr. B makes the weather as we all know, but he ain’t talkin’.

Melty Blood is still a really good game though.

Ayo dawg, don’t dis tripe.

lol. Never heard of this one before.

It doesn’t surprise me. People believe in astrology.

Screw full moons. The only weather they bring is werewolves.

Doesn’t hold a candle to religion when it comes to bullshit.