Using Mugen to create an original fighting game


Recently I played Vanguard Princess and was inspired to finally start planning my own fighter. Instead of Fighter Maker though I’m considering using Mugen since it’s more up to date. But I can’t find any original games for it, just fan work.

So is Mugen capabale of something like Vanguard Princess, in terms of polish and originality? Any good examples?

Another concern I have is selling a Mugen game, which I will contact Elecbyte about but if anyone has experience with this I’d love to hear about it.


Why not skip mugen and try unity?


if you had just downloaded mugen and started working with it you’d know your first answer already


The problem with mugen is that mechanics are tied to the character, so it’s hard to make something feel cohesive and good. It’s much easier and better to create a universal system and build characters around it.


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